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About this blog

You read right, this is the blog of a loser. There's not really any limit to what I'm gonna put here. Life updates, worries, cries for attention, anything. It's mostly just gonna be stuff that I don't think warrants a dedicated topic, but also that is too long and/or substantial to be a status update.

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Rarity fursuit pt. 6; finished!

I finally finished, and I'm fairly proud of the final product. There are definitely a few things that I now see I could have done better, but I'm still happy with it. EDIT: Here's the new pictures. It's definitely a lot easier to make sure the camera is focused when there's actually a person behind it. So anyway, this was a lot more difficult to make than it should have been. There are next to no ponysuit tutorials online, and the ones I could find looked terrible, were extremely vag

Rarity fursuit pt. 5; just a minor disaster (hiatus)

So. There are a lot of things I like about Rarity's body suit so far. The torso fits nice and snug, the legs are the perfect shape and size imo (though they're not done yet), and the zipper is pretty much invisible. Having the zipper in the front when the suit is so tight-fitting makes getting in and out a little difficult, but I needed to be able to wear it without a handler, so putting the zipper on the back would make putting it on by myself impossible. Where I'm running into proble

Rarity fursuit pt. 4; head is finished!

So after overcoming a fairly serious thumb injury and making the life-changing decision to quit my last job, I finally finished Rarity's head (and by finally finished I mean the head's been finished for a week, I've just been dealing with her mane up until last night). Long synthetic hair is a nightmare to deal with. I spent way too long trying to get her mane the way it is in the show, and I just couldn't get it right. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the hair to make one large curl, so in

Rarity fursuit pt. 3; magnetic eyelids!

Now that I got my paycheck this past week and I had the money to order the last of the materials and such (including a sewing machine), now I can continue work. Today I filled in any gaps around the eyes and made two sets of eyelids to change Rarity's expression a little bit. Now I just have to do final shaping to smooth it all out, tape it up to get the fur pattern, then wait for the fur and fleece to get here in the mail. After that I can move on to her horn and mane, then she'll be done (well

Rarity fursuit pt. 2; starting over

So yeah, I wasn't happy with my progress. I cut quite a few corners thinking, "I'm not an experienced fursuit maker, it's fine if I don't put in all the effort I should." I'm just not satisfied with that line of thought, so I scrapped the head and I'm starting over. I want to do this as a profession one day, and that kind of thinking definitely won't be acceptable when I'm making stuff for other people. Luckily I had only put in around seven or eight hours of work, so it's not that much wasted t

Rarity fursuit pt. 1; wiring

I was originally gonna make a punk Rarity suit (from that one episode of MLP), but I couldn't find a purple leather jacket that looked quite right and I don't really feel comfortable making it from scratch. So instead, I'm opting to go the route of dealing with her normal, incredibly difficult to make mane since I'm fairly confident I can make that look at least decent. Also, if I make the mane magnetic I can make the punk Rarity suit in the future just by making the mane, tail, and clothing, wh

Marching band memories,sophomore year

This was by far my least spectacular year. Not only did I not make many memories, I just didn't enjoy marching band quite so much that year. But man, am I glad I stuck with it nonetheless. My best friend finally joined My childhood friend had planned to join marching band our freshman year, but for whatever reason (laziness, I think) he only showed up to the first practice. He actually stuck with it that year, and we had so much fun just messing around. We started a tradition at band

Marching band memories, freshman year

I have countless amazing memories from high school marching band, and I figured I'd put them here so that I can always remember them, and maybe a few people will also get a laugh out of some of them. I guess I'll start with freshman year. I'll have to omit a few memories. As much as I'd like to share everything, we have three traditions that only band members are supposed to know about. I know it's the internet and nobody cares, but it's important to me to keep them a secret. Bus trad
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