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About this blog

A blog to showcase details of my shared superhero fiction setting, inspired by the Golden and Silver Ages of Comic Books (1938-1950 and 1956-1973, respectively).

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Superhero Profile: Ishtar

Name: Ishtar Civilian Name: Marlene Babylon Species: Human Age: 27 Powers and Abilities: Whenever she channels Ishtar's power, Marlene is able to gain the powers of flight, superhuman strength, speed, and agility, and heightened resistance to injury. She is also able to master any and all weapons, but primarily relies on the sword and archery. Ishtar is also, befitting her spheres of influence, able to strategize and seduce like no other. If any trope could describe her in an

Superhero Profile: Eisheth

Name: Eisheth, Collector of Souls (among other titles) Civilian Name: Elizabeth Chandler, Private Investigator Species: Succubus Age: Somewhere in the 1000s, last she checked. Powers and Abilities: Master of seduction, teleportation, illusions, superhuman strength and agility, and wish granting - all vital to her job as a "contractor" of Hell. Appearance: In her civilian identity, Eisheth appears to be a black-haired pale woman in her 20s or 30s, dressed in the stereo

Superhero Profile: Aquaria

Name: Aquaria, Wrath of Hydra   Civilian Name: N/A   Species: Deep One   Age: Roughly 80,000   Powers and Abilities: Immense strength, inhuman agility, especially when underwater, the ability to commune with sea creatures, arcane spells powered by the Gods of the Deep, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra and the Great Dreamer Himself, Cthulhu.   Appearance: Aquaria stands at roughly 7 feet tall, with green, scaly skin, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth a

Superhero Profile: Marvelous

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PROFILE CONTAINS RATHER STRONG LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Name: Marvelous Civilian Name: Austin Oliver Species: Human Age: 12 Powers and Abilities: Heigtened perception, superhuman strength and speed, nigh-invincibility, deadly marksmanship with any weapon Appearance: Austin Oliver is a fairly typical-looking tween, if a bit of an early bloomer (as evidenced by the peach fuzz growing on his upper lip, mild ac

Superhero Profile: Infinigirl

Name: Infinigirl Civilian Identity: Josie Carter Species: Cloned Eloi Age: 14 Powers and Abilities: Much like Infinite, Infinigirl's reality warping powers manifest themselves as a standard Flying Brick powerset. Having the mind and emotional maturity of a 14 year old girl, however, means her powers are much more volatile and dangerous - a teenage temper tantrum could very well mean the apocalypse, hence why Infinite has taken her under his wing in the Victory Legion; working

Superhero Profile: Lettuce

Picture taken from the Club Penguin Wiki. Name: Lettuce Civilian Name: John S. Manchot Species: Toon Penguih Age: Unknown, but claims to be 19; considering he's from the "Tooniverse", that's actually very vague. Powers and abilities: Limited reality warping and harnessing of physics - only affects immediate area - advanced healing factor, limited omniscience (i.e. fourth wall breaking) Appearance: Small green penguin, about 3 1/2 feet tall, white sclera and black

Superhero Profile: The Infinite

The Infinite, as depicted via Hero Maker 3 by Jyger85. Used with permission.   Name: (The) Infinite Civilian Name: Joe Carter Species: Extradimensional Being, an "Eloi", as they are named Age: 1,938 Powers and Abilities: On the surface, The Infinite 's powerset appears to be the standard Flying Brick/Superman Substitute set - flight, X-ray vision, godlike strength, etc. But it goes beyond that - his true powers lie in the ability to bend reality to his will, do