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Where I speak out me mind, preferably without foaming.

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NDH - Anime

Very short opinion on anime that I have seen (the list will receive updates). No details! Calamity of a Zombie Girl - can't decide if it's so-bad-it's-good or just bad The Irregular at Magic High School - never before I experienced this much not-caring for any of characters Fairy Tail - Badass. Funny. Kickass. AWESOME! Town Where You Live - by far worst anime I have ever seen and a perfect "how not to have a romantic life" story Kut

Starfire's ponification

Welcome to a new installment of "Makes Sense and Doesn't" On this picture we have a ponified Starfire, and I am having a polarized opinion on her ponification. Why it makes sense for Star to be an alicorn? Well, because she is a princess of Tamaran, that's why Why it doesn't? My logic dictates: "In Equestria, if you are a pony with a functioning horn, you can do all kinds of magic with it." When it comes to Star, it only makes sense for her to sport a horn to

Light Blade

Light Blade

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