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My blog where I post whatever random thing pops into my head. :P

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Why Savygriffs aka PrettyInPipp Is My Best Friend on MLP Forums

Why is @Savygriffs aka PrettyInPipp my Best Friend on MLP Forums?   She's a kind and caring, Bestie.  She thinks I'm funny.  Honestly, making Savy laugh makes my day better.  *Watches dancing Pipp Petals gif* Sorry, I was distracted. / She's a Della Duck and Pipp Petals fan just like I am!  She is also a fan of "The Ghost and Molly McGee" like I am, too!  She seems to like it when I tease her about her Pipp Petals "obsession". /   To ma

My Favorite Funny Moments From TV Shows

First off, Thank You to my Bestie, @ExplosionMare for this awesome topic suggestion!    I picked one funny moment per show because otherwise this would be a very long list also, these are the moments I didn't have to think about.    1. "Cherrychanga Or Chimicherry?" from  the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "The Last Roundup".        2. "Finding Richard's Groove" From the Unikitty! episode "Dancer Danger".    

Favorite Animated Movie Songs (Non-MLP)

UPDATE:  This is actually in the incorrect order.  The 3rd comment where @Totally Nyx is quoted gives the correct order.  --- I'm borrowing this idea from my Bestie, @The Wife of Tengen.    ---------   1. "Della's Moon Lullaby" from "DuckTales" (2017)         2. "When Will My Life Begin" from "Tangled" (2010)         3. "Part of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid" (1989)    

Favorite MLP Gen 5 Mane 5 Characters aka: I Needed An Excuse To Use The Ugly Banner I Made

These are my favorite MLP Generation 5 Mane 5 characters in order. I really just needed an excuse to use the banner I made.    1. Pipp Petals 2. Izzy Moonbow 3. Sunny Starscout 4. Zipp Storm 5. Hitch Trailblazer --- Honorable Mention: McSnipsalot (The crab from MLP: Tell Your Tale "A Home to Share".)

What Inspires Me To Make Signatures And Profile Banners?

@Treeglow Flicker  and @ExplosionMare want to know what inspires me to make the signatures and profile banners that flood your notifications on a daily basis.   I make my Rapunzel, Della Duck and MLP signatures and profile banners to help keep the memories of my favorite characters alive.    Sometimes I make things for friends, I post them on MLPF for praise and I use DeviantArt as a glorified backup.  

Top 10 Favorite Episodes of The Simpsons

These are my Top 10 favorite episodes of The Simpsons:   Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo Cape Feare  'Tis the Fifteenth Season A Streetcar Named Marge King-Size Homer I Am Furious (Yellow) Skinner's Sense of Snow Brother from Another Series She of Little Faith Lisa on Ice    These "Bart ruins a holiday." episodes are some least favorite episodes of mine that I know off the top of my head. Why? They make me sad. 

My Top 25 Favorite SpongeBob Squarepants Episodes

Graveyard Shift Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm Club SpongeBob The Camping Episode Christmas Who?  Krusty Towers Pre-Hibernation Week Clams F.U.N. Pizza Delivery Just One Bite Band Geeks Krusty Krab Training Video Squidtastic Voyage Planet of the Jellyfish Sailor Mouth Squid on Strike Big Pink Loser Dying for Pie Patrick Smartpants Wet Painters Idiot B

Things That Make Me Happy On MLP Forums

These are a few things that make me happy on MLP Forums:   Talking to my Besties @ExplosionMare and @Lucky Bolt and making them laugh. If I can do this my day is made one million times better!    Talking to my Bestie @Pandora and telling her how ADORABLE her art is.    Talking to my BFFFF @Silky Spook and telling her how ADORABLE her art is.    Making my Best Forum Friends For Five-ever laugh with my art or status updates.    Visiting my Best Adm

Why Lucky Bolt Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums (Redux)

Why is @Lucky Bolt aka "Lucky Duck" one of my Besties on MLP Forums?    She's kind.  She's smart.  She's creative.  She's funny.  She's loyal.  and she's honest.    And to top it all off, Lucky is one of the few people who I feel like I can talk to about ANYTHING same for my other Bestie, @ExplosionMare.  I know this kinda derailed at the end but I'm SO HAPPY and THANKFUL to have them both as my Besties!  YOU GUYS ROCK!       

My Top 10 Big Art Pieces So Far

Credit for this topic goes to my Best Forum Friend For Five-ever @ExplosionMare.     These are my Top 5 Favorite Big Art Pieces that I've made so far:   1. The "Trixie" Tetralogy  2. Rapunzel: Dreams Do Come true 3.  I Wonder If He's Looking At The Same Moon?... 4. A Whole 'Nother World 5. Princess Twilight's Sci-Twi Stand-Up 6. Take My Hand, Twilight MLP-EQG (Why isn't this higher on the list even though it's my most popular Deviantart uplo

Why Blitzo Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

@Blitzo aka Operetta is one of the many users who I'm honored to call one of my Best Forum Friends For Five-ever here on MLP Forums.  She's kind, funny, smart and is one of the only people here who began referring to me as her BFFFF without me having to encourage it.  Operetta is an AWESOME friend and anyone should be lucky to have her in their circle just like I do.   

My Favorite Disney Christmas Specials/Movies

Some of my favorite Disney Christmas episodes/specials are:    1. "Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas" (Goof Troop) 2. "Mickey's Christmas Carol" (1983) 3. "Winnie the Pooh and Christmas, Too" (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)  4. "Mickey and Minnie's Gift of the Magi" (Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas) 5. "It's A Wonderful Leaf" (Darkwing Duck) 6. "Last Christmas" (DuckTales 2017) 7. "Mickey's Nutcracker" (From the Disney's House of Mouse episode

Why ExplosionMare Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

Why is @ExplosionMare one of my Besties on MLP Forums?    She's kind.  She's smart.  She's creative.  She's funny.  She's loyal.  and she's honest.    And to top it all off, ExplosionMare is one of the few people who I feel like I can talk to about ANYTHING same for my other Bestie, @Lucky Bolt.  I know this is a copy/paste of my Lucky Bolt entry but I'm SO HAPPY and THANKFUL to have the

Why Megas and RDDash Are My Best Friends On MLP Forums

The reasons why @Megas and @RDDash are two of my best friends on MLP Forums is:   They're two of the nicest, most AWESOME users on MLP Forums!  They always post *really* cool things in their profile feeds.    Now, if I could only remember which one is which. 



Why Kyoshi Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

@Kyoshi: The Sensei of Signatures, the Virtuoso of Video Games, the Perfectionist of Pepperoni and most importantly My Best Forum Friend For Five-ever.    Kyoshi is someone who I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for.   Kyoshi is someone I can look to when I need advice but he is also someone I can joke around and feel at ease with,   I also try my best to return the favor whenever he is feeling sad himself.    Kyoshi also inspired me to sta



Why Shrug Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

@Shrug aka Captain Clark is one of my absolute BEST friends on MLP Forums...   "Hmm...What I was going to say about Shrug totally reminds me of what I wrote about @Treeglow Flicker !"   This is like Princess Ember with Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle.      Are Shrug and Treeglow Flicker the same person!?  Thank goodness for copy/pasting:      Nailed it! 



Why Dark Qiviut Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

Do you notice all of the Della Duck's in every blog in this series? Thanks should go to my BFFFF @Dark Qiviut because she wouldn't be a part of my life if it weren't for him.   Dark Qiviut is a lot like another BFFFF of mine @Denim&Venöm in that, I felt like it took me a couple of years before I felt as if I had truly earned his respect.  I had read his episode reviews and status updates in the past hoping that one day I would be able to make a point that was good enough



Why Treeglow Flicker Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

@Treeglow Flicker is my Best Kirin Friend on MLP Forums!...*Whispers* What do you mean she's the only one?    Well, this is awkward...    As I was saying, Treeglow Flicker is my Best Kirin Friend on MLP Forums and is very smart, funny and kind.    My research has indicated that Treeglow's hobbies include: Housework, complaining and complaining about housework.  <-- You're Welcome for the visual aid, Darling.    I enjoy making Treeglow laugh and smile whic



Why Denim&Venom Is My Best Friend On MLP Forum

Loyalty. The mark of not just a great tag team partner but also a great friend. This is @Denim&Venöm in a nutshell.    My Best Wrestling Buddy For Five-ever and I have been friends for a while but I didn't always feel like we were particularly close for the first couple of years. As with a traditional pro wrestling locker room, it took some time for me to earn his respect and after a few years of being a part of the wrestling thread I feel as if I have finally accomplishe



Why Lord Valtasar Is My Best Friend On MLP Forums

The "Great and Powerful" @Trix or Treat aka Lord Valtasar is one of my best friends on all of MLP Forums! He's one of the nicest, most helpful staff members on the forum which, is something I *really* appreciate.  But most importantly, Lord Valtasar is an ENORMOUS fan of Equestria's "Greatest and Powerfullest" magician, Trixie Lulamoon!  I knew I forgot something.  *Mumbles* Cheap Yakyakistan locks.    In all seriousness, thank you for being such a great and helpful friend



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