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Any mlp fangames I am working on I will post in this blog

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Ponytown Default Adventure Devlog

Sorry I haven't posted in a while Here is a Devlog. ^^ Pre Version 1.0 •Fixed the credits in stage 1 previously it credited to the wrong song which was used in the tutorial. •Renamed the Stage 1 Executable Ponytown default adventure stage 1 instead of just default adventure stage 1 to avoid confusion.   Version 1.0 The first fix which I have officially made a version name which you can see  by pressing H and scrolling to the bottom of the help menu. •Fixed Stage 1 not r


Dabmanz in Devlog

Ponytown Default adventure Tutorial Stage 0

I have finished the tutorial stage each stage will be available as a separate download as long as you have finished the previous stages the game will load the stages you are up to which means you can delete stages you have already done or move them to a usb to save space. Note if the game doesn't save properly you may have to redownload the previous stages to replay them. Most of the stages will be available on the Pony Default adventure Discord server as they will be under 8mb.



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