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  1. 23rd Dec mini session

Quest – magical ponies. Cause of Everfree.

Griffon town.

Frostbite – ask about parents.

Dyny – cart ok? Notebook fell out.

How find necromancy? Accident…

Parents magic? Mom taught illusion

Want to be a magical pony? Love to but mission.

Mission is: musician magician of appleloosa.

She has just escaped to everfree.



Forest Storm suggest Canterlot. Better for show!

1) convince to go to Canterlot. Mango. Frostbite. Forest Storm

2) accompany her to Ponyville. Dyny

3) accompany appleloosa. Dyny

Caramel unsure. Skylight unsure. “I like frogs,” she says.

Dyny persuades her to come.

But she goes to say bye! To Black Liquorice.

Dyny and Caramel follow.

For those who remain behind. Some of the griffons had gathered.

Mango does a sword dance: balancing a sword on her nose, flipping it round her wing and such. Scarred griffons + Frostbite glower – Mango gives him a cheeky wink. Younger griffons happier.

Meanwhile back at the castle. Liquorice lets Beatrice make her mind up.

Liquorice gives Beatrix a protection charm necklace.

Dyny bows to Liquorice.

Dyny tries to motivate Beatrix. Frostbite tries to motivate Breatrix too but ends up snapping at Dyny and her and gets called stinky.

"Look; Canterlot's high class. They're the big leagues. The ponies will hold you to perfection. If you're going to pursue this magic stuff, you have to stand up against them, even when they tear you down with things worse than anything I said. You can't be a whiny teary foal about it. Fight tooth and hoof to earn your place. Ponies will tell you you're a loser, and they'll be right unless you prove them wrong."

"So do it. Prove them wrong."

"I would've gotten more than you, but I have self respect"

Mango challenges Frostbite to perform. He says “later”.

Everypony not in the session minus Silky the Great and Evil accompanies Beatrix to Canterlot.

    1. Ponyville

Abandoned. Routes blocked off. One path. Weather = grey/cloudy.

Barricaded areas. Traps! Bear traps. Potions. Windows blocked off.

Frostbite brags.

Mantis appears! Mantice likes tasty mango and plucks her out of the sky and, after a brief struggle, she gets eaten.

Caramel shoots the Mantis.

Frostbite swings but misses.

Forest tries to fry the mantis but it leaps out the way.

Caramel stabs it and then gets eaten.

Dyny consumed by rage lands a harm spell which drains it.

Forest Storm – summons a roaring ball of energy which fries it.

Frostbite takes a few more swings but it jumps out of the way like a fidgety 2 year old.

Mantis decides on a savoury snack after eating two dessert themed ponies and eats Forest Storm.

Dyny repeats their rage fueled spell and withers it to ash >:3 It falls onto Frostbite.

More mantises are coming! Drag the ponies away! They all escape into Ponyville aided by Scootalooe.

In the dark they hide while the mantises march outside.

The unconscious forms of Mango, Forest and Caramel.

Hello pro-skater Scootaloo


Also a Timberwolf.

“Why wolf?” asks Dynamo.

“Not wolf. Is pony called Alchemy.” In the Everfree there is a pony timberwolf


“Where are you from?” asks Scoot.


We’re from “important-land sent by important princess!” interrupts Frostbite importantly.

“You trotted around ‘no-zone’. This red zone is a migration path of mantises.

What’s in here – Mantises, Centipedes, Cragadile, Glowing wisps. Pebbles with mouths!

    1. Next day

Scoot – you here to help?

No – wizards!

Sleepyhead deals with

Rarity in Carousel with Sweetie

Fluttershy in cabin in outskirts

AJ – need AB on applefarm

Pinkie – gone somewhere to make things better-looking

RD - Wonderbolts

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March and February sessions summary

Talk with RD. Told about AJ (who stayed back in Ponyville). RD gave up after 5 years. Married (?). Head Wonderbolt. Creature in the sky – hellfire phoenix that burns and de-ages. Cloudsdale (?).   Sunset + Twi + Starlight – Black Liquorice. Trust what party will do.   Ponyville lacking doctor. Party asks for aid for Ponyville. Sent to church of Luna.   Party went into dreamscape – learn of mare who is doing Luna’s job. They are asked by other members of church to he

North Star

North Star in Ponyfinder

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