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March and February sessions summary

North Star


Talk with RD. Told about AJ (who stayed back in Ponyville). RD gave up after 5 years. Married (?). Head Wonderbolt. Creature in the sky – hellfire phoenix that burns and de-ages. Cloudsdale (?).


Sunset + Twi + Starlight – Black Liquorice. Trust what party will do.


Ponyville lacking doctor. Party asks for aid for Ponyville. Sent to church of Luna.


Party went into dreamscape – learn of mare who is doing Luna’s job. They are asked by other members of church to help. Mare, priestess of Luna is permanently asleep.


Travelled through different ponies’ dreams. Fluttershy.


Unfamiliar town with unfamiliar filly.

Found unicorn – focusing on doorway. (Party are looking for a member of Luna’s church)


Mare is sealing the door.


Party asks questions of the mare and that distracts her – as she is distracted the door begins to open. Everyone wakes.


Priestess of Luna wakes up but stops moving. Church of Luna sees red door from the dream sitting in middle of the room.


Frostbite (like a wise kririn) opens the door.


Monster pummels frostbite + party. Frostbite is absorbed and taken through the door.

Session ends.

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