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28th January

North Star


It all began when Forest Storm became... Lizard Storm 


Silky, Forest and Vibrant

Outside the cell. Silky checking coast is clear.


Frostbite, Mango, Roswell, Aurora

Poke frostbite. Frostbite bite spear. Frostbite miss spear. Bitey Frost!

We need the guard to go away!

Repulse them? Defecation strategy.

Knock the door to annoy them away?

Attack guard?

Bore the guards.

More guards!

Guard knows one has escaped!

Silky passes a note!

Stealthy note?

Glittery note! Guards see its sparkliness.

Fighting guards?

Persuade guards!

Deceive guards! Go Caramel! Caramel is too gritty and honest.

Dyny deceive guards!? Dyny is too geodude and honest.

Dyny magic hand + stone. Convince guard that there is more magic… guard want magic!


Forest Storm ask Discord?

Silkeh has a parasprite pet!


Flapping of wings outside.

Hey Chrysus!

“Want friends out?”

Silkeh sass.

Chrysus head rolls.

Chrysus jail-break!

Silkeh like saving friends.

Chrysus need to be paid.

“Name your price.”

“Price? You can’t handle the price.”



Silky uses bluff!

Chrysus wants money in the claw. Not bluffs in the mouth.

Chrysus wants Silkeh’s shop ‘Potions R us’.

It costs 1000 backstory bits.

Your silky backstory now belongs to the griffon >:3 Your shop is no longer pink and feathery. It is grubby and griffony.

Vibrant examines the deed of transfer.

We are released! AJ comes with. Held by Mango and Frostbite.

Leads to door close to forest.

Reunion – Beatrix is ok.

Reunion – Black Liquorice is evil, burned Flutters + has elements of harmony.


Mango suggests return Applejack. Caramel has apple-connection and talks to her.

Pick up Rarity + Sweetie and bring back to Canterlot.

Consult on Flutters with Twi.


Forest is talking to Discord to help break friends out of jail.

Discord is stoned.

Poke poke with hoof.

Talk talk with tongue.

Discord angry with Black Liquorice? Only Fluttershy!

Discord charges after BL!

Discord in danger?

Sweet Apple Acres.

Apple reunion.

Mango emotional. Frostbite uncomfortable.


We are bedraggled!

Mango gives a pony version of what happens, including AJ.

Rarity bounds to AJ.

Sweetie – let’s go to Canterlot.


Mango talks about the good times in Ponyville. Sweetie the music teacher. Sweetie smiles :)

Sweetie – sings + piano.

Mango sings. Sweetie sings.

Mantis interrupts! Mantis hates swing

Dyny spells Mantis. It is quite easy to spell.

Frostbite grrs Mantis. Mantis will not be grrd.

Skylight firworks Mantis. It does not work.

Forest storm storms mantis! He is master of the woods!

Mango dances in the ash >:3

Caramel is relieved.

Mango gives Forest an ashy hug.

Quiet all around.

Discord rampage.


Pegasus guard delivers paper.

Wonderbolts meeting.

Sweetie XP! 1GP + Old cloak. Mango waves manically as a pink unicorn.

To Starlight!


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thanks @Silly Druidwill add the lizard part and sorry about being late to that. Was a shame that idea (the only idea that we brainstormed which actually worked other than Silkeh and Virbant being outside the cell) did not quite get converted into something useful :(   

nothing will ever disabuse me of the idea that Pawel did not become a hunky bearded lizard though :P

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