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Does anyone remember this person? read the rest since i want to suprise u if you know them

Do you know her?


This is her: (Yes this is Wolfie Redheart do you know her?)







Wolfie Redheart was me when i was 13 to 14 and turning 15 year's old but i quited the whole teen werewolf thing when i was 15 year's old still but i was still a teen werewolf a little bit when i turned 15 year's old and yes i was stupid when i was a young teen but i got smarter when i was more 15 year's old and 15 in a half year's old and i turned 16 year's old on october 23 2013.My hair is no longer long and i have changed and i am no longer that Wolfie Redheart and i can't reach my old account's anymore since the passwords are gone and i could no longer reach my old email since they took the secret question's thing out and the papper with my passwords and email's some of them are torn being steped on by my famlies dog Millie Mo.


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