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Story Update...*No spoilers*

Phoenix Flam



I promise you in these updates there are no spoilers so no panicking if you think I am going to let anything go. If I do let something go you have my permission to slap the creator...Wolf not me :P


well for the boring stuff we are as follows:

Pager : 27

Word count : 17,213

Section A completed at : Page 22


Section B has begun so far covering five pages.


Now to explain this is the second draft of this book I did a first draft but i bucked up the time line and events were happening every were and it just was all over the place. The draft is my V2 and is so far more orderly following the story of my self and another pony of whom I will not name and I will only say that this pony is a girl and that is all.


Only two people know what she looks like and what she is called and I can trust that other pony to not tell a soul and if he has then I can trust the soul he has told.


Now before I even think of explaining the story I already have if you visit my DA page and look at the Journal I made it explains the main situation that may cause arguments among some of you die hard MLP fans who will more then likely want to kill me for what I am doing. I have already had a run in with one fan who was not happy, but that fan has seen the light after I explained the depth of the situation.


So if you have any questions that I need to explain feel free to ask : Here is a link to that Journal in case you cant find it - http://phoenixflam.deviantart.com/journal/Cleaning-something-up-471717981



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