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Thoughts of a Pegasus named Pittypaws #2



Someponies will come up to me and ask why I have dolls of human characters instead of the versions that are ponified. I realize why ponies like to have pony

versions of characters who are not ponies. It is because when you make something like yourself it becomes easier to relate to. This is why fiction often has characters around the same age as the target audience. It is their way of saying:

"Hey reader, everypony hear is just like you! These are your kind of ponies"

Well, I guess I'm a purist at heart when it comes to certain characters. If they were created to be a certain species than they should stay that species as respect to their creator. This is also because sometimes ponies get confused as to what kind of pony (or nonequine) species a character should be.

There was interest to do a ponified version of the old collection of tales known as "A Nightmare on Elm Street". The pony who thought of this was a stallion named

Wes Cloven. Mr. Cloven originally had the idea to make an alicorn because of Princess Luna's ability to see into dreams.

Well, Luna herself got word of this and wasn't really happy about the idea of a murderous monster that she felt was a personal attack on her. Not wanting to anger

Princess Luna or Celestia for that matter, decided to just make Freddy into a regular unicorn instead.

There is also the case of Leatherface from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" folklore.

Originally ponified as an earth pony with the ponied name Bubba Sawbuck by Tobe Hoofer, Leatherface was redone by a Michael Rein with Leatherface this time having the name Thomas Hoovitt and being a pegasus. despite being in a family of eath ponies. Leatherface (Hoovitt) was made a pegsus in this version to point out that he had been adopted by Luda Mane Hoovitt the patriarch of the canibalistic Hoovit clan.

Now if you must know when it comes to Leatherface I prefer Thomas Hewitt (human name of course) to Bubba Sawyer (again human name) although I guess you could debate about weather or not they are the same character. The doll I have is of Thomas Hewitt by the way which is why he is seen to have a crudely made fake limb made from a human arm bone and a hook .

Now all this aside about the ponification of Human folklore I suppose I should discuss the most famous instance of a human character that came not from

Human Folkore, but from the mind of a regular pony. Many of us we'll remember the days when we would open up a book by author Ponnie Zacherein and read about strange looking ponies. Mrs. Z. had a strange way of drawing her fellow ponies, but what is interesting is that her books were fantasy stories about these pony characters interacting with a human girl named Megan as well as her two siblings.

Some ponies have suspected that there is more to these books then meets the eye, that at one point ponies did talk to humans like the character Megan, and that the strange design of the ponies was actually done to show how we ponies looked at an earlier point in our evolution. In other words some say that these tales take place in a time before the "Great Disappearance of Humanity" when humans somehow vanished without a trace.

There has been many ponies who have speculated differently about the fate of humans, but I think that is a topic for another day.

Right now I have to go fly off somewhere to do some shoppng down by Sweet Apple Acres.


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