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MLP.. possible cure for depression, suicide and anger management?

I bet if they played MLP or just had the actresses record messages and played them in hospitals and therapists offices.. depression, suicide and rage could be decreased by at the very least 45%. For those of you that have started to get too know me, you already know my life has been full of tragic events, chronic depression and mood swings ( as was illustrated today) I am on medication for my mental problems and not only 30 minutes ago.. I was about too commit suicide.. I know those friends I have made may not want too hear that, but it is true.. I had my knife out and ready too slit myself.. but a voice pulled me out of the fires of despair and sadness.. actually .. it was 6 voices :). I have NEVER snapped out of a deep depression like that EVER! But those voices.. the music and artwork, the vibrant colors and the overall " Hopeful Vibes " that it sends out, I felt warmth fill me, I slowly began too cry and as I fell too my knees, dropped the knife and basked in the love I felt, the warmth of Equestria had saved me... that is powerful right there.. I think the show should be shown too all those that suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, bi-polar, chronic depression, and other severe ones. It is my theory that the voices of the actors and actresses hit a certain pitch, tone and performance that might release Dopamine and serotonin in the brain ( the chemicals that cause euphoria and happiness, along with the upbeat soundtrack, which the notes C, G and D are known to release the same chemicals in the brain, they call them " Happy Notes " as minor notes have the opposite effect. So if my theory is correct, enough exposure too this show could in fact cause a reversal in the brain's chemistry, possibly.. with enough time might just cure those like me. Something too think about :)

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I like that idea, i have the same problems, but i don't express my emotions. When it first started i didn't feel like socializing, but my cat that i had for 14 years died suddenly and i was pushed back into my depression again , i had lost my best friend that day and wouldn't come out of my room. After that though, i did try to end it, but my mother stopped me before i stepped off. I was crying, wishing she didn't. i was an inconsolable mess, so we went to a therapist and he asked me why i tried to kill myself, i told him what i said above and he put me on some experimental medications, they helped me recover quickly. Now i go out with my mother and write stories. And my new cat simon sits in my lap with me when i'm on my laptop writing my stories. Its a comfort i enjoy and i'm glad to have it.

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There you go doubters! This person has stepped up and shared their story and now look.. we are both alive BECAUSE of MLP, and by doubters .. I  mean those outside this community lol I have a flare for the dramatic and I love too be theatrical. But the point is this is two stories of this show helping out o something that it shouldn't be helping with from a technical stand point anyways lol But if you read this and MLP has helped with any dark feelings or disabilities.. be brave and share them here.. who knows? perhaps.. just .. perhaps..we might be able too help those around us.  



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