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  1. Has there been villains who tried to attack the ponies friendships? Discord was hardly a villain; he was neutral. He's chaos after all. But has there been a real villain who has tried this tactic?
  2. I only know English, but would love to learn some Finnish and japanese.
  3. Tom Snyder

    Gaming Terraria?

    I play, i got my full hallowed armor and the strongest sword in the game.
  4. Is it stupid if i thought when i seen pinkie in the bakery that mr and ms cake were her parents? lol.
  5. She won't understand, its either her way or now way at all. Reforming her is pretty much impossible, as her stance will be solid in what she believes. She was mostly a plot device though, much like Trixie was. She never said anything about coming back, so no, we won't see her again. She was humiliated pretty hard, even IF she did try and come back, i don't think it will be for a change of heart. To reform a pony, you need them to understand your viewpoint, which i highly doubt Starlight will be interested in. The only thing she cares about is herself, nopony else, this is made clear after
  6. Tom Snyder

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Got some cute RD images for you, get ready to melt, Ziggy.
  7. Hello! Mine is Candy Star, i'm very friendly and love to talk about anything, let's chat sometime. Btw, i don't have a webcam or mic, so i can only chat by text.
  8. Note: Sorry that the text goes by quickly, i thought i was doing the text duration, but found out after i published this that it was the video duration. My apologies in advance, so you may have to pause it to read any of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuY-H5PJ13I Source: http://www.yourghoststories.com/
  9. So you all watched as i played a mini comic based on a true event, but that was only the beginning. I will now be telling other people's paranormal experiences from a site i visit very often, and it has some pretty good ones there. So once a week, i will look through the stories and write down the names of the stories that i thought were interesting. I will then put in into a bag and blindly pick one out, whichever is picked will be done for that week. So this is another of my favorite hobbies, and quite fun to do. I hope you guys will join me then as i upload it to my channel tonight! See
  10. Than you Though this was just randomly messing with the different settings, but glad you think so.
  11. ... Wow dude, that was a little TMI... ______________________ As for me, It would have to be Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.
  12. Anime is just something for me to watch when i get bored, i wouldn't say i'm into it.
  13. Fluttershy, if you got her mad, oh boy. She'd be the walking definition of the house wife. lol
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