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A Little Idea

Tech Reel


So I had a little idea for a series I may make :muffins:


The premise of the series is, "What adventures would I have had with my past companions if I were The Doctor?"


I'm always comparing my personality and my past to The Doctor's. At this point I'm not completely wrong, because I have had quite a few companions that I would make videos with, though they have all left. Their time was always fairly short. So what would've happened if I were a time lord, had a TARDIS, and could travel through space and time? What would we see? What would we do?


I'd like to make an audio play. A four part series, each featuring the companion/companions I had at different points in time, joining me in an adventure. Each adventure will have some relevance to the videos we used to make.


We can go to some alien planet, visit an alternate dimension, or save the human race! The adventures being shown will not be the first that we've had. Each one will be set up as if we'd already been traveling around for a while, and the current adventure is just one of the many we have on a weekly basis.


Unfortunately I can't just have the actual companions play themselves because, well, they left. Although I'm sure I can find some voice actors that can sound like them.


So that's my idea! I think it'll be a fun little homage to my past companions, and maybe even give me a little closure on the subject ;)


What do you think? :)


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