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A Dynamic Non-Influential Inner Rest (Experimental Poem #2)

Cosmik Vek


Before starting my second experimental poem, I would like to talk about the influences I had to start doing these: my poems are mainly influenced by the Italian futuristic who took it's course from 1909 to 1944, people back then were interested in the future forgotting about pasts values and that's what maked people creating really dynamic type of art during those years. That's basically the core of my poems.

So let's continue with the second one:


When I see darkness, I basically hear nothing.

It is a normal aspect of this type of visual aggresion.

Right now, my thoughts are in an endless metamorphosis state.

Unable to accept that my mutation will never change.

The static void is coming to force a static mutation inside me.

But, in the inside of my mental aspects.

I remain, no external force can change my constant mental mutation.

The void must accept it and he does fear my dynamic aspect of my cranium.

And... it became static again.

Not even close for an influence and then my internal thoughts dynamically rests.

Slowly but surely...

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

― Albert Einstein

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