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  1. Happy birthday! 🎂

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. just some shameless promotion for a new pmv of mine:


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      Cosmik Vek

      *vanishes away like a ghost*

  4. Latest Mastodon album is pretty great, here's one of my favorite song from this album: Reminds me of Leviathan
  5. Before Wednesday I spent 0$ but since this day I've bought for 250$ of merch, mostly on Vinyl figures, no regrets
  6. The last time I posted in this thread, MLP merch was a far and distant thing for me, but now, as of today, I'm waiting for 3 packages full of figures along with a Fluttershy 4de plush and last friday, I received my first MLP merch package as a brony, containing 3 funko pops. Here's what my collection will look like after I receive my next orders: Fluttershy Funko POP Celestia Funko POP Twilight Sparkle Funko POP Fluttershy Funko Vinyl Figure Rarity Exclusive Funko Vinyl Figure Pinkie Pie Funko Vinyl Figure Rainbow Dash Black Glitter Variant Funko Vinyl Figure Derpy Funko Vinyl Figure Trixie Funko Vinyl Figure Discord Funko Vinyl Figure Fluttershy 4th Dimension Plush And i don't regret the 250$ spent for those XD. And I might spend some more money on more merch... so I can increase my merch army... Bonus: A photo of my 3 funko pops on my shelf (sorry for bad quality, my phone is not a Canon Camera lol):
  7. Technical Death Metal at the french canadian version of The Voice (Necrophagist - Stabwound)
  8. Back... from... the dead?

    1. Miss


      Ah Jesus Christ. Welcome back again. How was being dead for the second time?

  9. This was a decent enough episode and here's why: First, there's the style of this episode, with this strange mood setting in progressively, until the "apocalypse" started Also, I could have said that the way they learned Dash her lesson was not fair, but it was the best they could have done it and it basically shows to her what her pranks feels to anypony, but they maybe put that one to a way bigger proportion with that zombie prank compared to the ones she did, but you know in the same time, Dash is one pony who can be out of these types of dangerous situations, so that's that. This is also an episode that developped Dash in some way and it may have seemed that she could had been developped episodes ago, but for me it was alright on that point. This episode was also funny at points even if it kinda got repetitive with the pranks at the beginning, as it affected the pace somehow. Talking about the pace, it wasn't perfect because the zombie prank could have got a bigger place in this episode, but it was not the worst pace either. Also, it was predictable in a way, but I knew the story because of the promos, so I'm not too big on that. Also bonus, when the zombie ponies said "COOKIES!" it reminded me of this : TL;DR: Nice episode with a nice style/humour and some developpement for Rainbow Dash, but it kinda got repetitive in the beginning and the pace wasn't the best, but overall, like I said, nice episode. Rating: 8 to 8.5/10
  10. This one is getting better and better now
  11. Ok, how did Rainbow Dash pranked Applejack earlier (putting her bed literally outside her home)? That one prank seemed really weird to me...
  12. I would give Twilight Sparkle A Voivod record or any mathematically progressive record, because some of Voivod's best records are very progressive and "organized" if you allow me the term and she would enjoy this intelligent and genious kind of music. I would give Applejack a Pantera record, because it fits her more western personnality and she would really like it. I would give Pinkie Pie any crossover thrash record, like any record from D.R.I. because in general, crossover seems like a very bouncy genre of music, and I think that Pinkie would really get along with a record of this kind. I would give Fluttershy a Gojira record, because their lyrics are really ecological and for the animals and she would like their music very much. I would give Rainbow Dash an Old School Thrash Metal record and if I can be more specific, a Razor record, because their music is badass just like Dashie and her personnality and she would enjoy the heck of one of their records. I would give Rarity a Symphony X record, because this pony seems to really enjoy classical music and a Symphony X record would make her enjoy this fusion of metal and classical music.
  13. Carbonized - Spacecraft Iron Maiden - The Man Of Sorrows False Prophet - Forgotten Souls Strapping Young Lad - Love? Sodom - Nuctemeron