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I have an itchy butt, I guess. ._.

Sugar Pea


Lol, so this happened to me 30 minutes ago.


So me and mom went to the grocery store, and needed a few things. My mom proceeded to say, "I forgot why I came to the store."


So I follow up, saying "Yeah why did we come to the store?"


And then she says....I kid you not, clear as day, "Did you say you had an itchy butt?"


Keep in mind, this was in talking distance of the cashiers, and a few of them were my classmates, who looked over as soon as she said that. I got so red, I literally walked off.


Then when I meet up with her again, she says, "What? All I asked was if you had an itchy butt!"


She said this again, in front of another employee who happened to be a schoolmate! Crap!


So that sums up the life of Mellifluous so far. lol



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Well I guess that's worse than my mom calling my Cammy in front of every girl in my high school :P

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