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"Ghost of Gallifrey"

Tech Reel


"Ghost of Gallifrey"
By Daniel Jones


Two people that coexist
A man who is fiction and a boy who is real
But peel away the boy's introverted exterior
And a similar story is revealed


A story of losing those who are close
Coincidentally identical ways
Though the Time Lord can travel to distant worlds
The Human is trapped on the earth each day


Regeneration, with a different meaning
A change of body versus a change of channel
Each one ends with a loss of confidence and hope
Often too much for either to handle


What can be done to change their fate?
Can any solution be stumbled upon?
There's no way to tell if or when it will come
For now both the Human and the Time Lord must try to move on




A little poem I decided to randomly write. I don't often use this form of writing to vent, but I like how it turned out. Don't know if it's good, the rhymes are kind of "near rhymes", but there it is. Either way I'm pretty happy with it :)


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