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In Celebration of Marriage Equality

Rainbow Skywalker


There are still people who do not support gay rights.
And there are still countries who have banned gay marriage.
There are still shootings, massacres, funerals and more that have happened today.
But if there is anything worth celebrating, it would be the SCOTUS decision on marriage.




Personally, I'm a straight, white, male from Georgia. But I'll celebrate today. And I'll celebrate tomorrow. Then maybe it's time to get back to the grindstone on all these other issues. But either way, it's time to celebrate. Oh, and smile :D

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It's one thing to legalize gay marriage democratically via the states and allow the full faith and credit clause to effectively legalize it in all 50 states. It's another to make it a constitutional right. The Supreme Court effectively eliminated religious liberty. The Justices might not realize it, and people might not see it yet, but the 14th Amendment was just invoked to trump the 10th Amendment. Why wouldn't it trump the 1st?


Within ten years, I guarantee that churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. who don't perform gay marriages because of their religious teachings WILL lose their C3 statuses and be classified as hate groups. People who adhere to those faiths WILL be publicly persecuted.


Look, I really don't care what people do in terms of marriage. The problem is that there is no real Constitutional basis for which to call gay marriage a right. No where in the U.S. Constitution does it mention marriage, but apparently the Supreme Court would rather blindly redefine human rights instead of actually doing their job and preserving the Constitution. If they had not intervened in the gay marriage movement, in due time it would have been legalized and granted as a Constitutional LIBERTY (which is quite different from a human right) in the 50 states.


That is why many people are upset about this decision and gay marriage in general. It's not because they're homophobic neo-nazis, but because the very Constitution this country was built on and the whole idea of natural rights is being undermined.

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