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Behind the OC




After seeing all my fellow Brony's on YouTube, I decided it was time to bring Shad3Z out for everypony to see.
First off I wanted to be an earth pony, too clumsy for magic, and too scared of heights for flying so no pegusi or unicorn for me. I also wanted my pony counterpart to look just like me because im not hiding what i look like on this site, im being myself. It's suppose to be me, not some random character with crazy color schemes. No offense to anypony who did their OC's that way, i mean no disrespect.


I created a 3D version from an online creator but it just, didnt, look right. I wanted my character to look like it came straight from the show. So using several seperate images and templates i photoshopped together what my Pony doppleganger looks like now.


if you look closely, you can see that I possess a slightly resized version of Dr. Whooves tail, and not only that if you flip my main upside down and recolor it (i mean severely recolor it) you got rainbowdash's hair.


Add the StealingShad3Z logo cutie mark, and of coarse some headphones, i mean you gotta be able to tell i write music. And there you go me in the Equestrian flesh!!!

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