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Big Changes, Big Women, Big Fun!




Howdy folks, Pone here with some updates that about 94% probably won't give 2 shits about, but I'm here for that possible 6% that acutally read this and thats all that matters.


Alright, so a while ago we decided we were trying to find different ways to make the group more interactive and due to the amazing contribution from you the forum user (0 replys) we had to get off our asses and come up with our own ideas which turned out a lot harder than we first thought, especially with the stubborness of some of our chat but this is some of the stuff we came up with:


1. Game nights!

We're don't really have a schedual for this yet due to the diversity of the group so its really whenever


2. Art/Music Comps!

Fame, Glory, Swag! If these are words that get your blood pumping then why not join the fun today!

(This is still just an idea as we dont have enough support for this yet.)


3. FoxHD is gone!

The one real reason to to join us has gone! No more will you feel the need to give up on life because of a random 13 year old thinking he's top shit. This is by far the most important update.


4. Other shit!

A bunch of stuff that I can't really remember but its definatley there and totally isnit and excuse to make this list seem longer than it is!


Thats about it for this update, remember if you want to be a part of our insanely exclusive club then your journey begins...


Thats all for today, hope to see you around. We'll save you a barstool



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