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How Am I Doing So Far?

Tech Reel


Heyo! :muffins:


I'd like to get a few opinions on how I'm doing with a little fan fiction I've been writing. It's sort of a Doctor Whooves crossover, mainly focusing on my character, Tech Reel, as well as his friends, Lyra and Octavia.


Here's the synopsis ;)
One day, Tech Reel stumbles upon a journal that details the life of a man named the Doctor, an alien from another universe. He shares it with his friends, Lyra and Octavia, and the three take immediate interest in the stories within. Though things change when they find that the Doctor may be in their world.


The search is on, with many questions to be asked. Is the Doctor actually real or just a story? How did this book get lost in the first place? Is the Doctor in danger? And who can save him?


You can read the story(Well, what I have so far) over here on FimFiction

I'd be really grateful if you could read some(or all) of it and tell me what you think. How's the story, grammar, wording, and such?


Thanks in advance for your time :D

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