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(Read First) List of FiM Episodes Focused on 2 Characters Intro

Will Guide


Over 2 years ago, I made a topic, List of Episodes focusing on 2 characters. It's time I update it and state my reasons for picking each episode to the best (or at least, closest) to having the most focus on any two given characters.


I have complied a list of at least one episode that I believed best focuses on any two given main character.
Here are the guidelines to how I've narrowed down the candidates and make my choices.


  • For this blog's first postings, I'll only include the first 5 seasons; any episodes from Season 6 will not "officially" overwrite my choices...yet.
  • They need to be major characters in the plot. (Episode Title in bold),
  • If they were not the focus, but still had ample interactions, the Episode Title will be plain text.
  • If it's an episode that focuses on everyone working together like in the premieres and finales, I wouldn't count it, unless I can't find any good single episode.
  • If from when I first made this list containing episodes from the first 3 seasons had better canidates in Season 4 and 5, I will strikethrough the Pre-Twilicorn episode and write the post-Twilicorn episode next to it.
  • I'll also provide a box of episode names that I've considered to go into the slot, even if it was obvious they wouldn't make the cut; call them honorary mentions.(Episodes that have the gang split up in pairs can still be considered nominates.)

If there's more info. I'll let you know. For now, go to the entries about the Mane 6 and let's get started!


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