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Things Cloud's inclusion in Smash Wii U/3DS has taught me



Ramblings of a Smash Bros and Final Fantasy fanboy, GO!








Anyone is possible


Ok, so maybe that's not entirely true. I'm sure suggestions regarding characters like Spongebob, Goku, Shrek, etc., are regularly thrown in the garbage. But the point is, absolutely NO one expected Cloud to appear in Super Smash Bros, prompting one of the biggest surprises in the series since Snake's reveal in Brawl. Hell no one though we would get another "Snake" but here it is.


Cloud's notoriety for the Playstation, like Snake, prompted most fans to write him off, which still led to grown men to shriek like little children at the reveal. Though again, it's not entirely true since Cloud is a Square Enix character rather than a Sony character like many believe, so don't expect Sony or M$ first party characters or anything(though Banjo & Kazooie isn't totally out of the picture)


How disappointing it is that hardly any Smash fans recognize the FFVII opening



This is more of a personal thing, but for an opening that's widely considered iconic by gamers everywhere, it's really sad how many people on Youtube didn't recognize it. It bugs me more than it should, seeing people constantly yell out "WOLF?", "RIDLEY", or "PIKMIN" instead of recognizing FFVII's freaking opening. I'm probably just being an old fart.


Of course Joshscorcher is an exception(probably because seeing him get excited and screaming over a character he hates from a game he doesn't care for says something) and MaximillianDood(seen above) exploding was glorious


Super Smash Bros will finally have Final Fantasy music, thus becoming the greatest collection of VG music ever



'Nuff said


Never Disregard "My Uncle works at Nintendo" stories






Seriously this time it actually happened


Sakurai's bullshit "rules" don't exist




Technically this has been a thing since Snake, but became more solidified with Cloud. Character speculation is always a dangerous thing when it comes to the Smash community, with people always arguing how a character is qualified to be in Smash. "Oh x needs to be in x games on x nintendo console of this many gens", "series needs x many reps" "x is more deserving, y isn't Q". However, Sakurai has constantly proven fans wrong time and time again, for better or for worse. Hell it wouldn't surprise me if we saw the freaking King of Hyrule from those awful Zelda games at some point


Lets be honest here, FFVII doesn't have much with Nintendo(though there's plenty of history between the two), but no one should care. Cloud's not in because he has an illustrious history with Nintendo....He's in it because he's freaking Cloud, which leads me to my last point




Smash is no longer about celebrating Nintendo's History


And I mean this in the best way possible.


For years Smash Bros has always prided itself as being a celebration of Nintendo's history, fully loaded with virtually any tribute to games fans can think of, big an small. But even going as far back as Melee, including 3rd party characters has been always been in the suggestion, and then coming into fruition on Brawl with the arrival of two massive gaming icons, Metal Gear's Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog. A few years later Nintendo ups the ante with 4 more characters from beloved franchises, Pac-Man, Megaman, Street Fighter's Ryu and now Final Fantasy's Cloud. This coupled with Sakurai's desire to turn Smash 4 into "The Greatest Character Game Ever" has lead me into the one conclusion: Smash is no longer a celebration of Nintendo's history, but instead of Gaming as a whole.






Of course it's still missing something :P

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