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Christmas more popular than Hearth's Warming among bronies?



So much for living Equestria.
I notice that especially convention reps and such aren't quite in the brony spirit. It's kind of an irony, because you know how sometimes people wish "happy holidays" because they don't want to exclude non-christians from the celebration/adress (that to a good degree isn't even christian but was annexed by christianity - a religion which fought the pagan faith it annexed)? That's for political correctness, something that people in official representative function seem especially concerned about. Yet especially from such sources you see greetings directed specifically at bronies that are adressing christian bronies.


Take a look at what happens in the brony community during, say, muslim or jewish celebrations. ;-)


Not that this spoils my mood or anything. After all, it is something that fits into a picture I see anyway, and I am a deep thinker. But I want to point this out as an incentive to ponder, maybe discuss, and maybe get enlightened a bit.


The beautiful, harmonic solution is staring right in people's faces, offered by the very show they say they celebrate.


Have a pleasant Hearth's Warming.


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