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I thought the black spots weren't part of Luna's cutie mark. Last time, when it was taken away, only the moon vanished. I assumed it's just her natural coat (and that it's naturally symmetrical). Hm, maybe that was just draining the power from the cutie mark.

Interesting dreams ponies have. Pinkie surfing on the gummyboard, wearing shades, I like that a lot, heh. And Derpy as queen, on her side another ... background character. ;-)

Starlight's dragon toothbrush was funny.

Twilight her frequent freakout self, but totally understandable why she couldn't calm herself. Still so much admiration for the regal sisters and projection of crucial importance to Equestria. (She underestimates the importance of everypony else's contribution.)

The episode was full with playfulness, action and lovely little details and a new insight into ponies' daily life.

I will close with one of my favorite pictures from olden times that immediately came to mind when realizing the theme of this episode. I call it "Maneheart"...



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Remember Dashie's fear of failure and sometimes overbearing self-glorification? I think the real meat of this episode was written between the lines.
I'd say timing is important and that managing to better get along with her parents could only happen right now, in this episode, not sooner.
I think this only makes sense if we assume that indeed Dashie enjoyed her parents' praise, despite the embarassment. That would make her an odd personality though, because I haven't heard something like this happening. Could be almost schizophrenic. Again - Would explain some of the other troubles she had to deal with and her current personality.

I would say the overall lesson of the episode was that if your parents are like that... be cool.

(Dashie tends to pretend to be cool, but underneath it might look different, which underlines this.)
Remember that this is not primarily a show to teach parents (although it hopefully does teach anybody), but to teach kids, so it doesn't matter whether her parents were a bad example or not. This was about how to deal with it. B)


As for the details: The door was a hilarious idea. (Subverting viewer's expectations is always fun.) Scootaloo's reaction to Dashie's outburst seemed overly dramatically extreme. The nap joke was the lowest point of the episode; horribly forced.


It has been quite a while without pony output for me and then recently two humble pieces in a row. I just wanted to share them here. (There must be a trampoline at rockfarm bottom, hah.)
I'm curious about what thoughts the video triggers in you. ;-)


Caption pic about anim error, found while browsing content for the videomaking below:


Video edit:


Three little things caught my attention in the beginning:


First I was surprised that pony hooves can sense the coolness of spit evaporating on a hoof.


Second I was wondering how AJ could kick an apple so hard that it smashes through a wooden target without smashing the apple with her hoof.


Third I grieved over the missed very first latin lesson for young watchers when AJ used "pegasus" as a plural instead of "pegasi".


The general message of the episode I can relate to a lot. Like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, I don't thrive on pressure, but excellence comes out when enjoying something.
In our world that needs a lot of cultivation, because so often results are believed to come from pressure, force. It's no surprise considering what kind of people have great influence over society and the means for success. It seems easier to be troubled than to be healthy.


Snails gave a good contrast metaphor for how not overthinking stuff can remove obstacles. This was even hinted at with his floating-buckets meditation-like pose in one scene.


This episode reminded me again of how much of a metaphor the Changelings are. They are weaking a mask in order to receive love that they don't carry inside.
Everything is energy, so it was only a matter of time and interaction that among teh troubled Changeling culture there would be born one affected by the best of Equestrian magic that is flourishing. I can empathize with Thorax. Being born with that difference can make it difficult to sustain oneself in an environment of takers. It was a bold step by Thorax to leave that, but he had witnessed the better alternative, so that is a powerful driving force. He is very lucky.


Especailly the song lyrics raise awareness of the crucial difference between changing and adapting.


He shouldn't be too optimistic about winning over the rest of his race though. They have a queen who is pretty much supreme commander and in such a power structure the efforts of the queen to perpetuate her relevance would stand against such change. In that way the queen is leeching from her subjects as her subjects are leeching from other races.
It would need careful baby steps to break that up.


It's weird how that Daring Do fan seems to have never heard of Rainbow Dash and her and her friends' deeds. The stuff they have done that should be common knowledge, and the guy still argues about details, like there aren't worldsaving heroes in Equestria and he's not talking to one of them.


And his name is Quibble Pants. Well, his parents surely recognized his tendencies early and didn't hold back, hah. ;-D


I don't mind at all that this episode doesn't match our season. Who said Equestria needs to match our timeline?


Kinda funny how things started out though:


Starlight Glimmer was like: "Bah, it's just about telling the same old story with the windigos again and silly singing and giving presents."
And Twilight is like: "Let me tell you a different story. One you haven't heard yet."
And then tells the Scrooge story. :derp:


It's a story where the main character, Snowfall Frost, hates that day of song-singing ... and sings a song about it. :derp:


Sad part for me was that what Snowfall Frost imagined a good Equestria to be is not bad, just not the whole picture. In our world, that part tends to be neglected in favor of lots of pretending/makebelief that everything is fine because it seems easier. So the reaction of the other ponies left a bitter aftertaste with me for a moment, since I tend to create connections between what is and what could be. Equestria has their effort part well-covered. So well that they laugh about it. Their effortlessness and celebratory mood is affordable, authentic.
Would be nice if letting go of the past is all that's needed. But even if you think you're done with the past, the past might not be done with you.
This was the popculture version of problem-solving, where the social environment is great and the only problem is within and everybody helps you solve it.
Equestria isn't exactly hardcore. ... Well, except for the occasional explosive magic duel, heh. :twi:
The point is that out goal should be to create a world in which the problems portrayed are actually that simple/easy to solve.


Well, Pinkie looked absolutely lovely again. :fluttershy: So that was a sweet highlight and the most memorable part of the episode, in part because the pun was hers again. :lol:


One thing yet another episode shows is that the one thing Rainbow Dash is not is cool. Nobody is who is obsessing over it. It's a classical issue where one tries to compensate for an inner shortcoming with outside things that are not her. (Apparently I saw where this episode was heading.) When she manages to resolve that, she'll be cool. (I see this stuff all the time.)
And hey, her fear of failure is well-known and again shown clearly in this very episode. That might go away if she focused less on apprearance and style. ... Maybe her admiration of the Wonderbolts, who are stunt flyers after all, contributes to that focus on style.
When she does know what's important and acts on it, she's mature. But she's still not cool then, but actually more like Pinkie Pie. The two generally have a lot in common.


Like the last episode, this is yet another full reset of (at least assumed) character development.


Funny, when I see her so often associated in fan art with US patriotism and seen in collages with the US flag, I can't help but think of how the two have something in common, which is a lack of humility.


The enjoyable part was in episode performance, the hilarious absurdity of her imitating the other mane 6 ponies.


P.S.: Weird that they always have a filled trashcan ready at the runway, isn't it? And I'm also wondering why they started calling her "Rainbow Crash" and not "Rainbow Trash". She did specifically choose the trashcan for herself, so that's pretty fitting, haha.


P.P.S.: LOL, I wrote this minutes before Pinkie brought this one up. :lol: I guess that makes this a pinkie scriptum. ^^


P.P.P.S: I think Pinkie didn't actually want cotton candy. She just suddenly thought how funny it would be if the stand flowed over with it and then tried how far she can push the guy. xD


It's a bit annoying when they do a kind of character development reset to get a message across. Although sometimes I wonder whether Twilight has changed at all. She still seems like being all the student.
It's like the Discord situation again where the lack of sincere acceptance and good will towards his reformation, the unwillingness to let the past be the past, drove him into Tirek's influence, and it required Fluttershy to be herself in practicing sincere kindness and forgiveness, which is her immense inner strength. It's a beautiful irony: As easily scared as Fluttershy seems, as much has she overcome some powerful deep fears. Because she carries her friendship in the heart and doesn't need to have it whacked over her head in a crisis.


Friendship is great, but it needs to come from within, and Twilight acted like someone who has no clue about friendship if it isn't sent to her from the outside. Awarding her the title "Princess of Friendship" might have been a bad idea; might get a bit to her head. (Then again, we know from all the ponies how their destination's fulfillment (the elements) often doesn't come easily.)


She should have learned from Pinkie by now that a desire to control can become unhealthy if not kept well in check. Learning that lesson is maybe one of the most valuable for cultivation of good character, of a healthy mind. The experience of "Woah, this is not what I intended!" is important to have and learn from.


Starlight Glimmer was the sane one in this episode. She was the teacher to Twilight and Trixie, who were two poles of the same mental issue.


Become aware of how the teacher in life is often not who you think it is.


I made this a couple of months ago, but I was today reminded of video-related synchronicities, and compared to some of the relatively well-known stuff on the net (like "The Dark Side of the Rainbow"), this one is quite an intense example.
I'll copy&paste the video description below, since it explains everything. Feel free to comment on the video and give thumbs up - It would make me very happy. :pinkie: (I could really use a strong positive side to counter the negative influences in my life so that I can shift my focus.)


I was terribly bored, so I started working on a boring/bored/boredom compilation (seemed like the thing to do, LOL), and by accident, when I had opened one episode while still having another episode's audio track loaded and searched for the next piece, I noticed the uncanny degree of sync(hronicity) between the two in vocals, effects, emotions, scene transitions, behavior, so I let it play out for as long as it matched so well.


I love it when I receive help from the Realm of Random.


I consider this my typical life art. When I'm too bored for anything, the only thing left to do is creatively expressing it. Blabla. Some meaningful life lesson in it I'm sure. I'll just do stuff (or not) and see where it leads.


Man, it has been so long since my last pony upload.
Just an hour before I started doing this, I browsed through my project files and unfinished compilations and felt even less motivated to work on any of them. Life really makes no sense. And I don't care. Meaning trumps sense.


It feels good to finally have made something pony again ( always my wish :-) ), after tons of Terraria videos.



Video description:
This is a brony fan lyrics version of Buddy Stewart's "Sun Shine On Me"
I had this project on hold for quite a while and now was in the right mood and with decent mic to vocalize it.
I wrote "karaoke'd" because I have almost no practice in singing or music production but wanted to give it my best shot and make use of my decent mic and DAW. I recorded this a dozen times or so and improved RELATIVELY much over those tries (as I did temporarily during brony conventions, hehe), but eventually didn't see significant improvement anymore and called it a day for this piece.


The lyrics are hinting at how sleep and/or meditative introspection (yin approach) can be a healing influence and are of course inspired by the lovely Princess Luna who visits ponies in their dreams ( a true nightmare ;-D ) to help them with just that.


I am open to collabs. ^^


If you like this, like (duh! ^^), fav, subscribe, comment, share, tell your friends, check out my other web presences, send money. Whichever you feel is appropriate. (My humility demanded I add that.) It all helps a lot.


My lyrics:
Moon, shine on me tonight.
Luna, please make things alright.
How I need your cool embrace
To shine upon my cryin' face.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.


Luna, give me a little night.
Take me outta this burning light.
You know what a little night can do.
You make the sky go black for you.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.


Moonshine, come on moonshine.
Let me have one with no pain.
Just one, only one
To get me started on my way.


Moon, shine on me tonight.
Luna, cleanse me of my fright.
You make the trees and flowers sleep
And you can solve my troubles deep.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.


Yeah moon, shine on me tonight.
Luna, please make things alright.
You know what a little night can do.
You make the sky go black for you.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.
Come on moon, shine on me tonight.
Oh moon, shine on me tonight.




Original lyrics:
Sun, shine on me today.
Sun, dry my tears away.
How I need your warm embrace
To shine upon my cryin' face.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


Sun, give me a little light.
Take me outta this darkened night.
You know what a little light can do.
You change the sky from black to blue.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


Sunshine, come on sunshine.
Let me have one with no rain.
Just one, only one
To get me started on my way.


Sun, shine on me today.
Sun, dry my tears away.
You make the trees and flowers grow
And you can make my troubles go.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


Yeah sun, shine on me today.
Sun, dry my tears away.
You know what a little light can do.
You change that sky from black to blue.
Oh sun, shine on me today.
Oh sun, shine on me today.
Come on sun, shine on me today.
Oh sun, shine on me today.


UPDATE: This video was targeted by a mobbing campaign by antisocial scum, that's why it received tons of downvotes.


So much for living Equestria.
I notice that especially convention reps and such aren't quite in the brony spirit. It's kind of an irony, because you know how sometimes people wish "happy holidays" because they don't want to exclude non-christians from the celebration/adress (that to a good degree isn't even christian but was annexed by christianity - a religion which fought the pagan faith it annexed)? That's for political correctness, something that people in official representative function seem especially concerned about. Yet especially from such sources you see greetings directed specifically at bronies that are adressing christian bronies.


Take a look at what happens in the brony community during, say, muslim or jewish celebrations. ;-)


Not that this spoils my mood or anything. After all, it is something that fits into a picture I see anyway, and I am a deep thinker. But I want to point this out as an incentive to ponder, maybe discuss, and maybe get enlightened a bit.


The beautiful, harmonic solution is staring right in people's faces, offered by the very show they say they celebrate.


Have a pleasant Hearth's Warming.


Could be a minor/major school villain, teaching the lesson of how people dig their own grave, so to speak. ... Ah, there are so many other facets and potential subplots in this.


The thought was inspired by watching this little crossover again:



P.S.: Somewhat related crossover comic of mine:


I wrote a comment on deviantART and realized it's worth blogging here. It is based on a picture I have in my wallpaper slideshow for a long time because it impressed me so much on a deep level:




Twilight shows maybe the clearest example of the power of the controlling mind trying to force its way, fueled by negative emotion. Her energy shoots at Discord, but you see it strike her friends, too, mostly from Discord's head. True friendship empowers love and comes from the heart, while in this picture Discord is like an inner demon of Twilight, and her mental struggle with it gives it power and causes discord in her friendship, turning her friends against her and her against her friends.
The solution to this problem was eventually portrayed beautifully in her battle against Tirek when she allowed herself defeat and let her heart lead the way, against all conceptual fears.


Also, Pinkie has a duck in her hair.


UPDATE 2015-12-02:
While watching the season 5 finale, my desktop wallpaper switched to this. The finale is another reminder of this recurring message that more or less is in all MLP episodes and I appreciate it greatly. It is something worth moving towards, regardless of how little success we might experience at first.
Friendship brings together, because true friendship is fueled by love. And love is magic. Friendship comes from the heart and is empowered by it.

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