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S9E17 The Summer Sun Setback - pictured commentary



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Seriously, Celestia, "My defeat of Luna"? Could you maybe at least have said "Nightmare Moon"? (I don't know whether it is a good or a bad sign that Luna is even smiling.)


"Who are you?" - Apparently the enemy-of-the-state information service isn't working that well. One would assume newspapers reporting on when the world has been saved once again and who to be careful about, hah. (Then again, that weather planner didn't exist before this episode, so he may be forgiven. :twi:)


And here Chrysalis is re-using an old deception form. Same point. (Cynically speaking, why is she even using a disguise? :bea:)


Discord says character development is so boring, and then we see that the opposite is true, when we get yet another re-heating of the story where they keep the truth from each other - yaaawn. Superficial action does not create inspiring depth. Not to mention Twi merely has to look out the window to see something is wrong (or hear the thunder of the lightning strikes), and one could reasonably assume that sunrising practice sessions might happen outside. (In fact it's an oversight that they heard the first strike but Twi didn't.)


Pinkie Pie probably just remembers the old pattern and playfully, knowingly, goes along with it by reciting past foaly and set the stage.



Compulsory frame capture: DIVINECORD



"Even if I was an ACTUAL doctor I would have no idea what's wrong." - Ponder that statement for a moment. :ooh::blink::laugh:



Yeah, tell Twilight what exactly happened. And don't leave out the part where ponies were mysteriously succumbing to sudden severe weakness or where an anonymous weather planner took over.



She amusedly rolls her eyes. ... If she knew where Discord put that cloud, heh.



Compulsory frame capture: WHEEEEEEEEEE :pinkie:



Screw the "This is not a pipe" painting. :laugh:


P.S.: With that cutie mark, I nickname her Rookie.


In the end as in the beginning - More biased night-dissing by saying night is actually bad/scary but the next day brings hope.

Imagine if there was only day. That wouldn't work either. Profound lesson not learned.



:orly: Praise the neight! :LunaMCM:


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