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Gender stereotyping as a marketing thing



At the supermarket today there were themed chocolate eggs, one Transformers and one MLP.
Now, the association of those two franchises to boys and girls is vast, traditional and thus kind of common knowledge. But for some odd reason the supermarket added classifications on the price tags, labeling the Transformers ones as for "boys" and the MLP ones as for "girls".
UPDATE: And sometimes there were bigger eggs next to those, also showing ponies IIRC, and those were labeled "trollies" for some reason.

First, this made me laugh specifically about the MLP side. Someone must not have gotten the memo. :laugh:

Secondly, I had the cynical/sarcastic thought how brave it is of them to do that in these agitated times and risk getting flame for gender stereotyping. :o:dash:

Later I pondered the whole thing further because I was wondering why they would specifically add that on the tags, as if it wasn't obvious. My assumption is that this is an issue of ever-frightful marketing agenda:
- The two franchises are strongly target audience optimized, to boys and girls respectively.
- Parents might be buying those products for their kids without having their kids with them and without knowing what is being marketed to them. (Especially negligent parents. A big market, hah.)
- That shelf might not even have been maintained by the supermarket staff, but by external reshelvers from specific brand suppliers, a common thing these days.
- So the person tending to the shelf wanted to make sure that parents ignorant of what their kids are interested in would pick the 'right' product for their kids, i.e. the ones that the kids have been programmed for and which thus would likely be requested by boys respectively girls.
- Picking the 'wrong' (=marketing mismatched) product could cause disappointment that then creates a negative emotional
association with the brand (at least in the imagination of marketeers), which is to be avoided, especially with young malleable minds.


I could add detailed sociological commentary about this, but it should speak for itself and convey various implications. You do the math. (If your math is bad, the result will be accordingly, but I couldn't change that.)
I'll just add that, in case it isn't obvious enough, I neither like marketing/capitalism nor the agitated societal warfare and PC thought control agenda around gender issues.
Health is promoting peace, not war. Which begins within each of us.

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The shop probably aded those stickers without any thought. Basically, there probably is a requirement that every item should have a description, the description probably comes from the manufacturer (and then may be translated to the local language OR maybe the manufacturer supplies the translated version too). Nobody reads it, just prints it and puts it on the item.

This is similar to various health warnings like "may contain peanuts" on a pack of peanuts - well I sure hope it contains peanuts.

Are there any problems with the sticker? Most likely not. Anyone is free to ignore it and buy the transformers toy for his daughter and MLP toy for his son (or himself). Maybe someone really does not know what the target audience is for both toys and wants to choose the "right" present for his niece or friends kid.

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