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  1. You can also get used parts, which may be cheaper, and an older, but higher grade video card is usually better than a newer, but lower grade (for example, a GTX780 would be better than GTX960).
  2. Well, if you cannot afford a high-end PC, then a cheaper one would be worth it, since you would be able to play games on it. Maybe not with the highest settings, but still. They may have more troubles than a console, but, at least for me, keyboard + mouse is much better than a game pad for everything except fighting games and flight simulators (in which case I'd use a joystick). Playing a FPS game with a gamepad ... no. Also, a newer PC can run older games up to a point, while a console will likely not run a game made for the previous model.
  3. I buy new clothes to replace worn out clothes. Also, stuff like shirts gets used in multiple levels - the new shirt gets used when going outside, to work etc, then later, when it's too worn to be acceptable, I use it at home, until it holes start appearing. I sometimes patch those holes and continue using the shirt at home. I use shoes until they wear out, then get them repaired. If they are too worn to be repaired, I buy new ones. I'm not poor, I'm just cheap and do not want to throw away clothes that I think still can be used. Also, trying out clothes and shoes (in my country the "size" spec of clothes is arbitrary - you can get two different shirts of the same "size", but one would fit you and one would be too small/large) is somewhat annoying for me.
  4. I listen to music a lot, and in different ways: When driving. Especially on the highway - time to grab some good music and turn the volume up... When working, I have a receiver and a pair of speakers at work (I can also play music from the PC or TV, but mostly just listen to radio). At home, I have two systems, one "good" one with big speakers that is in the TV room and I also have an amplifier and a pair of speakers with my PC. On either system I can play CDs, records, cassettes, tapes, radio and music from a PC. At night I use headphones. When I am outside walking somewhere or in the server room doing something that takes longer than a few minutes, I usually have my MD or cassette walkman and a pair of smaller headphones (Koss Porta Pro). I usually listen to music at a normal volume, but sometimes I like to turn it up . The TV room has two amplifiers - a ~2W one and a ~70W one. The 2W is enough most of the time, but when I want to crank up the volume, I turn on the 70W amp.
  5. I had a console (a NES clone) only for a relatively short time, most the games I played are on PC. I usually play modern games, but once in a while I start up an old PC to play some Diablo or an even older PC to play some Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen or Duke Nukem.
  6. I haven't read any comic books before, but decided to try reading the MLP ones, so I bought an omnibus (looked similar price to a volume, but with more content) and if I like reading comic books, I'll probably buy omnibuses where available and volumes otherwise.
  7. The design of the characters is cute in general. As for Derpy, well, I don't really know about her personality, like pretty much all the other background ponies. There are the fan theories and such, but not much actually shown on screen. For me, if not Twilight, it would be Starlight I think. Or maybe Sunset, she looks cool.
  8. Quite a few laws and equations - I usually know what the thing is, but not how it's named.
  9. The way Google and Facebook (and some other companies) make money (after all, you do not pay to use the services of Google or Facebook) is by collecting data on the users, then using the data to create profiles of what the user likes, dislikes, what his political beliefs are and so on. Selling the profile of a specific person is probably a violation of privacy laws, however, what they do is a bit different: 1. Say you are conducting research and would like to know how people like your product, party or whatever. You can pay Facebook to get the "anonymized" data that has the answer you are looking for. 2. Say you want to advertise your product, but putting an ad on TV or radio costs money and most people that see it may not even be interested in the thing in general (for example, most men are not interested in various women-only products, like tampons). So, the way it works on TV is that a show has some audience ( they do surveys to figure that out), and you can choose to advertise the product during said show. So, if you want to advertise motor oil, you probably should do it during a show about cars. But this is very inexact. Then there are the targeted-at-content advertising on web sites. It works similar to TV, in that if the site is about My Little Pony, then ads for various MLP related stuff would work better than, say, ads about guns. This would be the opposite on a gun-related site. It still is not exact. And now we come to the targeted-at-person advertising. If Google knows that I like MLP and guns, I'll see MLP-related and gun-related ads everywhere I go, because those ads are more likely to be interesting to me. The advertisers pay more for this ability to target the ads to people who are more likely to be interested. Same with political ads - if I love party X, there there is not much point for them to show ads for that party to me - I'm going to vote for that party regardless. On the other hand, some other party might want to change my mind, so I would see their ads. Did you notice that if you search for some thing, like a hard drive or something on Amazon or some other e-shop, you will get ads for hard drives (or the thing you searched for) everywhere you go? Oh, and by the way, there is one way how you can influence election results - it is known that if you show ads that tell people to go and vote, even if the ad does not tell who to vote for, the people are more likely to go and vote for their favorite candidate. So, Facebook, for example, knows what users like candidate A and what users like candidate B, it can choose to show lots of "go and vote whoever you like" ads to the supporters of A, but very few of those ads to supporters of B, meaning that "A" voter turnout is going to be bigger.
  10. Because that's how Google makes money - it sells data about people or uses the data to sell targeted-to-person advertising. And data about kids is data (=money). Why would Google voluntarily give up a source of income if they can get away with it, while putting the blame on others (and hoping that the authorities are not going to go after every single channel with kids content marked as not for kids)?
  11. Twilight would be my first choice (especially in the early seasons, but the later seasons are also OK).
  12. It depends on how the person acts I think. For example, if someone is a vegan, there is no problem. But if someone is a vegan and acts like the stereotypical vegan (has to say that they are vegan frequently, criticizes others for eating meat) that can be annoying. You can say that you are vegan if we are planning to go eat somewhere (because this will affect where we are going to go) and such or if someone asks. However, if you come into the office, see me eating a pizza with meat on it and start lecturing how eating meat is bad, understand that this is really annoying (and you won't get me to stop eating meat anyway). Same with records and other old things. I like old technology, I use records, tapes, drive an old car etc. However, I try to not get into people's faces with it. For example, I have an old radio receiver in the office and use it to listen to music. If someone notices it and asks me about it, I will talk, however, I am not going to tell everyone who comes into my office "look what cool receiver I have, I only listen to music on vacuum tube devices, because they give the best sound quality, no transistor device can even begin to reach any tube device", because that would be annoying and not really true. If someone starts saying "I only listen to records, because they have the highest sound quality", but they actually listen to them on a Crosley record player with built-in speakers, then I know that the records do not sound that good for him and he is using that only as a way to pretend that he is better than me. Same with cars - you want to drive a brand new car? Good for you. I prefer older and simpler cars, so I drive those, however, I am not going to say "I drive an old car" to everyone I meet, only if we talk about cars, someone asks, or someone complains about a problem with some part of their car, and my car does not even have that part, I may say something. I also have an old cell phone, I only tell people about it if they ask or if they say that I should get some app and such (in that case I pull out my phone and ask if the app would run on it). So, if you like the thing for the thing itself and would like it even if you were not allowed to tell anyone about it, that's awesome. If you "like" it only to be able to tell everyone that you like it and feel superior about it, then you are annoying. TL;DR: You can like whatever, just do not get into people's faces with it.
  13. I use cash and a debit card. I do not see a reason to borrow money from the bank.
  14. Right now I have zero interest in a relationship (or in relationships in general, like shipping, the lack of relationships in MLP is a very good thing for me). I don't know, maybe a brick is going to fall on my head and change my personality, but right now, no.
  15. I do not see that big a problem if people want to stay indoors, after all, I do that too .