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  1. Pentium100

    General Media Opinions on VR

    I have not played HL Alyx (I have played some other game in VR), only watched a let's play. What I noticed was that the player sometimes had trouble manipulating objects (opening doors, turning valve handles and such) where ther should have been no difficultly in doing that. I guess this is because the technology does not provide proper tactile feedback (in the real world I could open a door, or feel for a light swich with my eyes closed, I would be able to realod a gun, at least after some practice). Another example would be driving (not present in HL Alyx, but just as an example) - I can shi
  2. Oh yeah, I have probably all of his silent movies on laserdisc (3 part box set called "the art of Buster Keaton". Those movies are awesome and so funny. I also liked Metropolis a lot. So yeah, I am a fan of silent movies.
  3. I don't really use it much. I think I created account because a couple of topics were insteresting and I wanted to discuss about them. But other than that, I sometimes find reddit threads when searching for something and read them, but I don't usually visit the site. As far as I know, there are subreddits for pretty much everything, but so far I was not very interested in using it instead of some sites that are dedicated to specific topics (like this site).
  4. I don't put much information on the profiles in the first place. What's on my profile you can usually find in some of my posts as well, but that's it.
  5. Yeah, I have read one where Twilight gets fed up with Celestia sending her on very dangerous missions with no preparation or explanation and calls her out on it. While I did not particularly like the ending, I liked the fic. I have also read a few where Twilight just refuses either becoming an alicorn or taking over. But yeah, so far, I have not seen one where Twilight tries to do this in secret. Twilight, at least in the show, is so afraid of disappointing Celestia that she would do everything for her. Me? I'm pretty sure I would either fail some "tests" or solve them in a way that
  6. Yeah, but she would not really be "my teacher", more like the headmistress of the school, the students probably do not have that many interactions with her. The scool also seems more ike a general school, so yeah, it would help to get a job and maybe even be decent at it. I don't knwo if I would do this to Twilight (because I like her), but if I was in Twiligh's place and Celestia was my teacher, if I managed to pick up that I am being steered toward something I don't want, I would try to sabotage it. Hopefully without Celestia finding out I am doing this on purpose. On second thought,
  7. Pentium100

    General Media Opinions on VR

    That would be nice. But for now, I don't like VR in its current form and prefer keyboard and mouse (and a monitor).
  8. Pentium100

    General Media Opinions on VR

    I tried it for a short time and did not really like it. The problem I have with it is that it feels incomplete (or, you could say that it's in the uncanny valley for me). Sure, the images look great, however, no real feedback makes, for me, the immersiun worse than just playing with a keyboard and mouse. By feedback, I mean I should be able to find and open a door handle (or change the magazine in a gun) without looking at it, like in the real world. When I play with a keyboard and mouse, I know that I have to look at the door handle and click the "use" button (or press whatever k
  9. At least from what I have seen in the show, it looks to me like Twilight's school was something like one of the less useful degrees in the real world (the ones where, when you get the degree, pretty much the only job available to you is to be a teacher of that subject). While learning about friendship can be a good thing, it probably won't help the students do their jobs, especially if those jobs do not involve working in close teams. We never saw what Twilight does with her normal personal students (other than Starlight, but she was kind-of unique, being a reformed enemy and almost as po
  10. She did and she's my favorite pony in MLP. Still, being her student does not appeal to me. Being friends with her would probably be very nice though.
  11. Friend - sure. Boss? You know how she can get obsessed about small details and spiral out of control? A perfectionist boss (or teacher) is not something I would like. "See? You forgot one dot on an i in this 10 page report - sit, 2". Also, I don't think her school (or worse, being a personal student) would all that useful. I mean, if I am going to school to learn something, then I would probably prefer something that can make me better at my job (whatever it would be in Equestria), so I could earn more money or something that could be a fun hobby. From what I have seen on the show i
  12. If the admins don't like thism they can tell us to continue in PM, but so far they have not done that. What do you mean by "disk shelf"? The removable drive bays from the front? It depends on the controller, but most sata and probably all SAS controllers support hotplug.
  13. While I would like to be friends with Twilight, I would not necessarily like to be her employee or at least her direct subordinate. I think I would not like her as my boss.
  14. While I would love to meet her, I would not want to be her student. Seems like too much work, training may not match the tasks and I don't really want to be in the special-forces-but-not-really-military group.
  15. Unicorn, because of all of the available choices, it would suck the least. Pegasus ponies just have the fight ability, I could probably build some sort of aircraft to fly if I really wanted to. Earth ponies have it the worst (IMO), as I am nor interested in farming, animals or getting into fights.
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