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  1. I probably would have declined the invitation and, as such, nobody would have gotten the ticket. While Twilight mentioned that she has never been to the Gala before, she still probably should have known what it was - a really boring social event for the nobles. However, let's say that I had to go to the Gala for some reason and could take only one other with me. It would probably be Rarity, as she is the only one who would appreciate the style of the event. Applejack had a stupid reason - while wanting to earn money is admirable, where did you see guests opening up stands at such an event? Even if there were stands selling food etc (and not fully catered), you would have to register as a seller and not just be invited as a guest. Which means that Applejack going there would be pointless. She would not appreciate the event for what it is and she would not be able to sell stuff. Pinkie had a valid reason (hey, it's a party), but it is not the style of party that Pinkie would like. Just explain to her that the nobles like really boring social events and do not play what they would consider childish games. Fluttershy's reason was kind-of OK, but I would remind her that the Gala involves a lot of self-important ponies and that maybe I should try to arrange with the Princess for Fluttershy to visit the gardens some other time. She would avoid the crowd of nobles and would still get to play with the animals. Rainbow Dash also had a valid reason, but I would explain to her that even if the Wonderbolts were there, they would most likely not have time for her or anyone else. She would not be able to show her abilities there anyway and would only come off as an obsessed fangirl - not the sort of first impression you want to make. The Wonderbolts may not even remember her after the Gala. So, that leaves Rarity, who would actually appreciate the Gala for what it is - rubbing elbows with nobles.
  2. Old music. There are some variations though. For example, I may like a new musician performing an old song. I also usually like new songs by old musicians. By "old" I mean a musician who started his or her career while Lithuania was part of the USSR or a song created at that time. For me to like a musician two conditions have to be met: 1. The musician has a decent voice that does not make me run for the radio to change the station. 2. I have to like the song and the style. There are good singers that I do not listen to, because I do not like their songs and there are singers who perform songs that I like, but I cannot bear listening to them. Music was made differently back then, for a few reasons. One reason was that the government did not just allow anything on the air and I usually like the songs that "made it" past the censors. Another reason was that musicians did not get paid that well. Musicians, AFAIK, did not get royalties for recordings and if they wanted more money and were lucky to become popular, they had to perform a lot (sometimes multiple concerts per day). This means that most musicians back then were musicians because they loved music and not just "in it for the money". Also, back then, Autotune did not exist, this is true for "Capitalist" music as well. So yeah, mostly old music (or old musicians) for me, but there are exceptions of course.
  3. I don't want to abandon my home, so I'd choose "have a pony". Maybe Twilight would even be able to cast some spell that would make others either perceive her as a human or just ignore the extremely unusual sight of a talking pony. Living with Twilight in one house would probably cause problems (though we may come to some sort of agreement), but that is still way better than transforming into a pony (painful or not) and then having no choice but to go away. While I would most likely like living in an abandoned missile silo hidden from everyone I still want to be able to go to some shops etc, that is, I would not be forced to hide there.
  4. Why would it ruin the movie? I mean I understand that other people do not like if I talked about a movie I have seen (and one they intended to see), so I don't do that, but I do not really understand the reason. Why would knowing that Darth Vader was Luke's father ruin the movie? You know that already if you watch the movie a second time.
  5. Standard "adult" age, like most of the ponies in the show.
  6. Special talent: driving a locomotive
  7. This is what happens when people think that everything on the internet is permanent. Not really: 1. The information you do not want to be public will stay on the internet forever and you wilk never be able to delete it, no matter how hard you try. 2. The information you want to access will disappear at the most inconvenient time. Which is why, if you want to continue to be able to access something - download/record and keep it stored locally. Then it only depends on how good a job you can do to preserve the media and the equipment.
  8. "How long did you get?" "10 years" "What did you do?" "I robbed a bunch of people. How long did you get?" "15 years" "What for?" "I said that Darth Vader was Luke's father" But really, are spoilers THAT bad? I never understood this. I mean I usually go read about a movie before watching it so I at least know a bit of what I am getting into. Sometimes I'll even skim the "plot" portion of Wikipedia and decide that "yep, this is something I want to watch" or "No, looks like I won't like the ending, I'd better find some other movie". If you really hate spoilers, then I guess you don't watch any history-based movies, because, you know that the Titanic sinks and a lot of the passengers die even before starting the movie. EDIT: I guess if you told me who the culprit was in a detective story I would be a bit upset, but not by much. After all, I can still watch/read the story to find out how the detective managed to catch him.
  9. I can imagine such a person. He's me. Well, I would stay there as long as Twilight wants me to, with a second limit: Assuming I age normally while IN Equestria, I would go back when my health starts failing etc. After going back, I would be young again, in essence, having extended my life by a few decades, because at that point the choice becomes "die in Equestria" vs "go back home and never return to Equestria". On the other hand, if I was immortal in Equestria, I would stay there forever. However, knowing all that before going trough the portal, I would prepare a few railcars with stuff I do not expect to find in Equestria. Guns, ammo, my media collection etc. If my stay there was temporary (the first situation), then, going back, I would bring that stuff with me home and would also try to get some gold or silver (as it seems to be cheaper/more available than here). A few kg of gold would set me up for a long time here.
  10. At least the 64bit versions don't crash that often, even when using 16GB or more RAM.
  11. I don't really remember the last time I used a claw machine. Hopefully, I can get ponies that would be useful in trying to get the rest out. In order: Twilight (if I manage to save only one, it will be Twilight) Then listen to Twilight's advice. Or, if she is unable to offer advice on what to do next: Discord (special powers) Starlight (probably second most powerful in magic ability) Pinkie (she has some special abilities) Starswirl (more magic) The rest of the mane 6 probably by order of which appears to be the easiest to get (maybe the Elements will be useful). The remaining alicorns for their power in order - Celestia, Luna, Cadance Sunburst (research ability) Shining Armor (protection force fields) Rockhoof (physical strength)
  12. Yeah, I can understand a good character not wanting to kill the bad guy because "he won't stoop that low" and the bad guy deserves to be tried and punished according to the law. But a bad guy, who probably killed many people, not wanting to kill the good guy is annoying. Also annoying is that if the bad guy decides to kill the good guy, he uses some elaborate method (that allows the good guy to escape) and does not even watch to make sure. Just grab a gun and shoot him multiple times until you are 100% sure he's dead. The only argument against just shooting the good guy I can accept is that if the bad guy has a personal reason (as in the good guy did something to the bad guy before, instead of being just a random cop etc) to kill the good guy and wants to torture him for a while before killing him. This does not excuse not watching the process and having a gun just in case though (as I would expect the bad guy wanting to watch his enemy getting slowly tortured to death).
  13. I don't like strawberries, so, if the decision was based purely on food it would be easy to do. However, the decision does not involve just food. Obviously I do not want my friendship with either Applejack or Rarity to be screwed up. While I am not a huge fan of either pony, Twilight would most likely be equally upset with either result. Also, Rarity sells clothes. I can see "third options" here though. 1. Go to Applejack and tell her what Strawberry Sunrise told me and that I accepted her offer. Because Strawberry Sunrise offered me food for free, eating it I will actually cause financial loss for her. Depending on the agreement i may even to be able to take more strawberries than I can eat and just throw them out, causing a shortage in that area and increasing the demand for apples. Hopefully Applejack would be able to see that I'm telling the truth and would care about money more than the idea of me eating the food of a competitor. 2. If that fails and Applejack does not believe me, well, both threats were based on eating the competitor's food, so if I do not eat either, I can avoid the bad outcome. I could go to a lake or river to fish or go to the Everfree forest to hunt - something there has to be edible, maybe there are even mushrooms that can be eaten more than once. I also wonder if cooked parasprite is poisonous or not. 3. Buy (non-apple, non-strawberry) canned food or something that can last a long time, like rice and pasta, enough to last me a long time and just eat that until the situation gets better.
  14. Twilight not getting stuck as the main princess. She can either refuse being made princess at all or just refuse to take over and stay at her school (something that she created of her own free will, not as part of someone else's plan or "destiny"). That's my main issue. I dislike people getting railroaded and "normalization" stories. Another, much smaller, thing would be to show the "reformed" villains doing something to atone for their previous actions - not just "I'm sorry, I'll be good now." "You are forgiven" "OK thanks". The others can still forgive the ex-villain easily but then the ex-villain would still try to figure out how to make up for their actions out of their own conscience. Maybe even going too far until their new friends tell them to stop.
  15. Age similar to the CMC after they got their cutie marks.