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  1. Memtest86+ There is no way to do it without downloading something There is also an alternative version Run it for at least two passes, the longer you run it the more certain is the "no errors" result. Run Windows in safe mode to see if it still crashes or not. If so, open the BIOS setup and see if that crashes or not.
  2. Alicorn because why not? I'd get magic and flight and a lot of raw power. If that's not possible then changeling because they also have both magic and flight. Changing appearance would be useful too. If that's not possible too then unicorn because magic would be more useful than flight and I am more of an indoors person. I could build an airplane if I wanted to fly :) If not unicorn then a dragon because I'd at least have hands.
  3. Because it was more useful for them to build their own bombs. And to make sure the US was unaware of it until it was too late. The difference would have been that there would be no profit for the Russians in keeping the secret. Losing the space race (before the Moon landing, the USSR was first in all space related achievements) hurt the USSR, so having the evidence that the US faked it would have been great to either expose the lies and get their own man on the Moon or blackmail the US for a lot of money and probably several countries. But that would mean that the hardware built had to be real and for real costs. So if you have real rockets, real guidance etc, you might as well fly to the Moon, since faking it won't save you money and still runs the risk of someone talking (or a spy finding out). Pretty much the only way to fake it would have been to fly the spacecraft, but instead of the Astronauts have a tape recorder with the video and communications on it so the signals coming in were real. It would not have saved money at all. Or maybe they are, since if someone leaked something nobody would believe it. "Oh, the US government is keeping aliens in Area 51? Never heard of that one before."
  4. I don't know if you are serious or not, but let's consider this: the Moon landing program involved thousands of people designing/building the rockets, lots of people over multiple countries tracking them (since if the spacecraft is on the other side of the planet you cannot get a radio signal to/from it so you need a tracking stations in Europe, Australia etc that would relay the signal back to the mission control). In fact, the video of the first steps on the Moon was received by a tracking station in Australia, not the US. So, you would need to pay off all of those people to make them quiet. And be sure that everybody stays quiet. It would take a lot of money. But, even if the US government did so, there was still the USSR. At the time the US and the USSR were in a fierce space race. If the landing was faked, the USSR would have found out about it since they had their own space program and tracing stations (also, Russian spies managed to copy pretty much all of the documents from the Manhattan project and Russian security was good enough that the US didn't know that the USSR has built a copy of the Fat Man until it was tested). So, the Russians would have had lots of fun exposing "the lies of the corrupt capitalist pigs" and then landed a man on the Moon themselves to prove that Communism is a superior system. Or the US would have to pay off the USSR as well. I actually don't know what it would have cost them to do that. To make the Russians concede defeat when they knew it was a lie would have taken a lot and not just money. And then, for what purpose? To fool the general public? What would have been achieved with that? It's also funny to me when I read about conspiracy theories that predict the end of the world (a large asteroid etc). Yes, the government is keeping it secret, so when everybody dies it would be a surprise.
  5. They wouldn't be able to fake either. It would be less expensive to actually do it than to fake it.
  6. Even if the Moon landing was faked (and it was not), the military would have had enough time to get rid of all the evidence.
  7. Well the topic is about the appearance I probably would have problems starting to watch the show if the ponies looked like G1 or G3. I may have been able to still enjoy the story but would not been able to get into it as easily. G4 ponies look a lot like anime to me with big eyes, very expressive faces etc.
  8. There may be a sticker on the bottom of the laptop or under the battery specifying the model number. Something like "EliteBook 8460p" or similar. HP has made many different laptops (I have one that has a 486 CPU and 16MB RAM in it) and those laptops are different from each other, including what their common problems are.
  9. Also, to me, their faces look more like real-life cats than real-life horses. And cats are cute.
  10. They sound quite nice too (Radiotehnika after the mod Сонет did not need a mod)
  11. Yea. I would ask Tara Strong how to become a great voice actor (if I was interested), but her opinion on who to vote for does not matter to me any more than that of any other random person.
  12. Is it weird that I do not follow celebrities as role models? If somebody can sing really well (or at least well enough for me to like him), it still does not mean that they do other things correctly. If I wanted to be a singer I could follow them ("Oh, I want to sing just like xyz"). Similarly, if I found out that my favorite singer was doing drugs, it would not matter to me, since I would still enjoy his songs (maybe the drugs actually help him sing?). I wouldn't start doing drugs either. I can only imagine following a celebrity as a role model if I want to be just like that celebrity, including his career. Otherwise there will be massive differences between me and him, so there is no point in following him when he is not performing.
  13. I usually do not care what the celebrities do when not working. Let's say I like a singer and enjoy listening to him. It really does not matter to me what he does when not performing, he can be strangling kittens for all I care. They may marry and divorce twice every year and I still won't care. I will only care about such things like "When is the new CD coming out? Will there be a concert near me?" The opposite of that is also true - if someone is a great person, but I do not like their singing (could even be a talented person, but I may not like the genre), then I will not be listening to them. As for Tara Strong - I sometimes visit her Twitter page and from that I know that we have quite different political views on some subjects. However, this does not make me enjoy her performances less (or more). If she ever decided to run for office in my area though, I definitely would not vote for her. I care about the celebrity only as much as it affects me. For a singer it's his singing, for a businessman it would be his business practices, for a politician it would be his political views and likelihood of corruption. When a celebrity campaigns for some politician I usually ignore that. My situation is probably very different from the situation of the celebrity and even if the celebrity honestly liked that politician and his views, I may not like him because I am not a celebrity.
  14. If anyone is going to show up they'll just probably party a safe distance away from the fence and call it a day. If they actually try to get into the restricted area - they will have lots of problems. I'm pretty sure that the military will try non-lethal options first though. But still, unless someone there enjoys the smell of tear gas, they will have a bad time. Also, it's not like you can just hop over the fence and be inside the base where the interesting things are. AFAIK the security perimeter is at least 25km away from the actual base. So anyone would have to run for 25km while avoiding tear gas, rubber bullets, other non-lethal weapons and finally real bullets. At least some parts of the area are also likely mined. And then there's the legal trouble - going there without permission would probably result in a prison sentence.