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  1. However, those people (the ones who have trouble breathing with a mask) are probably in more danger from the virus than an average person. So they are screwed either way.
  2. That would be Twilight, though I probably would be more interested in being friends with her rather than dating. I would not nave interest in any of the others though, so Twilight it is.
  3. I use the big TV to mostly watch some movies (Laserdisc, VHS or digital). However, I do watch broadcasts, mainly concerts or other music-type shows, I also usually record them, normally I just dump the stream to my server, but if the channel is not available on IPTV (or I want extra insurance I record it), I will record it to a video tape as well (also, a video tape is sometimes more convenient).
  4. Ember is also inattentive - she mixed up Starlight and Twilight. While they do look similar and could be easily mixed up based on colors and cutie marks, but out of those two ponies only one has wings.
  5. He's great, he explains how he troubleshoots etc. Also, because of him, I now want to buy a vacuum tube based TV (almost bought one), though hopefully one that is not as dirty as some of the TVs he shows on his videos.
  6. I have been watching some of his videos, so now YT recommends more of his videos to me.
  7. Twilight, because, you know, she's my favorite character.
  8. I think it was in 1996 (or maybe 1997). I remember that, at the time, Windows 95 was a brand new OS, almost nobody had it, most computers had Windows 3.11. I had a book about computers that showed how to use DOS and Windows 3.11 with only a few pages given to the new Windows 95. I think I still have that book somewhere.
  9. What's wrong with odd numbers for volume? I do not have that many devices that display volume level as a number (and where I do not set it to full), but I set the volume to where I like it and do not care what number it is.
  10. No, at least I don;t think so. While I could kind-of imagine myself as Konata Izumi or Twilight Sparkle, I would be quite different from both of them. A TV show or movie about someone like me would be boring to watch, that's why I don't think there are characters like me in fiction, though Konata comes rather close.
  11. Well, if it was me instead of Twilight at the beginning of the series, Equestria would be doomed because, IMO, the first impressions of the other main ponies were awful and I probably would he told them where to go. At the same time, I would most likely not have gone into the forest to look for the Elements. So, yeah, doomed. If it was me instead of Starlight, there would not have been an "Our Town" as I would be completely disinterested in being in charge of anything, so, I guess, the other ponies would be happier because they would not be brainwashed. As for others, well, I do not think I would like being in their place (I, in place of, say, Sweetie Belle would be completely different than her) and I do not think Equestria would be better off if I was in place of some main character. However, I probably would like replacing Starlight - I could have a shot at somehow meeting Twilight and me being in place of her would most likely not doom Equestria, where I would be OK replacing Twilight (she seemed to have a good life before the beginning of the series), but "Pentium Sparkle" probably would not live very long after the beginning of the series because of the constant threats to Equestria that would be allowed to happen because of no elements of harmony. So, yeah, replacing Starlight would be better.
  12. I use a halfmask - similar to this one: much better than the paper one, reusable and the filter is FFP3 rated.
  13. I repaired one of my reel-to-reel tape decks - an Akai GX-636. It turned out to be a bad solder joint.
  14. Fixedsys - it's awesome for terminal interfaces, programming etc. It also looks very close to the text-mode font (what you get when you boot DOS).
  15. That sounds weird to me. Why would I go somewhere random without some careful planning etc?