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Banner by ~ Ice Princess Silky

Check out this lovely pair of hooters



I know it's probably much more marketing than taste variety, but still, how could -I- possibly pass -this- up?


I did skip the pony-themed one though, because, I mean, that's really just shameless. :P:laugh:


SUPPLEMENT: They got a mild berry flavor. The violet ones a bit more distinct, like dark berries. (I am generally not getting excited about this common wine gum stuff anymore. But they're alright.)

SUPPLEMENT 2: The sugared ginger-lemon stuff they have is much more exciting. The smell reminds me of sweaty feet and urinal cakes (that will be the ginger :laugh:), but the taste is stimulating. You should give that a try if you like moderately sour-spicy stuff.

SUPPLEMENT 3 (2020): This P&L has remained a wine gum staple for me. :) (P.S.: At first I wrote "wind hum stable" because I am drunk. ... Ah, the ponetree!)

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