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My dream bikes ponified and punified






I miss the feeling. :(


(The fact that the body coloring creates such a good impression of mane and tail is torture. ... Anyone wanna electrostart my long dormant happiness?)




And here is the PinkR3 Pie version, which is probably more theme-appropriate, but the Fluttershy one just feels nicer to me. :squee:





This would probably be quite enjoyable, too:


...although I think I would prefer PrincYS Luna style for that one:





OK, now the R3 is mandatory, since I got TWO puns with her name and have difficulty deciding - PR3ncess or PrincR3s?
(I would probably put one variant on each side.)





Pony Scriptum: And here an example of how trying to make the body parts resemble a pony even more might not be an aesthetically wise idea:


(It is very tempting though!)


UPDATE - scooter! (I resisted the temptation to make a Scootaloo-colored one. :laugh:)


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14 minutes ago, Quinch said:

I'm partial to PR3ncess. Although Pinkie looks best to me. 

Yeah, it rolls off the tongue more naturally.

And the Pinkie one would really be the best for self-representation. But the Fluttershy one feels more like traveling with a good friend to me, and would likely also make me ride safer, haha.

BTW it's sad that in Germany they don't even have the white-based version of the R3; only black and dark blue, both without those wheel stripes. If I had to get one in stock color, I would have to say nope. Don't like either one. - I mean, the vendor said they can easily source the other parts, but I'm pretty sure that means you end up with duplicates, paying extra. It just seems so silly to have such limits considering it is easy to swap the painted parts on bikes. It could be done like with cars that get special equipment variants. That stuff is done at the import port, usually. They could do it like with the MCC Smart and offer all kinds of color variants.

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The motorized stuff isn't my forte. I assume repainting isn't much of an option?

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10 minutes ago, Quinch said:

The motorized stuff isn't my forte. I assume repainting isn't much of an option?

It's relatively common among enthusiasts to customize the paint.

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