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A shell doesn't reveal whether it is hollow



How very fitting that this was performed by the Dazzlings.


Escapism is flight, running. Seems necessary sometimes, but a temporary relief confirms what you run away from.

A repetitive, uneventful series of days can be torment for some, bliss for others. It all depends on the inner state, but which is reflecting the outside world.

Meaning, if society is healthy, people can lead the same clichée-boring lives as today, 9-5- cubicle job and such, and be fulfilled and content. Because the context matters. Who and what are you working for?

Deeper meaning, even by definition, can only be found in the depths, meaning within, not in externals. Connect to your own and others' depth. If you can, there is potential. It will not succeed with those who are at war with it. It can be anyone. Some are cursed with having attained great influence and power for spreading fear, others are less entrapped because they cannot succeed on the path of fear.

Shape the world through shaping yourself without it first. Otherwise, you are inviting the world to shape you. THEN you are the nothing you so dread.


The video could be understood as a prologue, a glimpse into what drove the Dazzlings to become what you saw in Rainbow Rocks.


Heroism is not a career path.


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