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Winter is comin....., already here ?

Swift Marquis



First, have to apologize for my bad english grammar, in this entry and those before, but I found this to be a rather good exercise for me :3


I have to confess, I love snow, ... only white snow tho.


``Be as you are``


Night, house, snow (of course outside), warm tea (not hot), and a good source of entertainment like books, movies, songs, even videogames (but most tend to stress than relax), and why not, a good chat with a friend or better, do all the things above with a friend :D
These are the main elements that make me tremble evertime I manage to get them together.... I find them just perfect, for me 83.


I`m sure that many of you have their own moments that just make you find yourselves again :)
In a company of a person, that you are very close with, or maybe you are a lonely type, you like to paint, to draw, to play the piano, play a guitar, read a fanfic, drive a supercar.... there are endless possibilities, our imagination is made out of infinite white papers that can be filled with everything we want :3


I tend to sound like a preacher xD, excuse me ...


To draw a conclussion ...
There will always be a time when we get lost, but always keep in mind that one great moment that made you be whole again.


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