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Not continuing my pony art. Sorry.



I'm sorry to bring some bad news to you guys, but I don't think I can really continue any of my pony art anymore.


It all started when I published a comic involving Fluttershy and Tree Hugger...I apparently made a weed joke in there, and I received an uproar from several concerned watchers of the show on deviantART- they said they were shocked to see me put that joke in a comic featuring these "innocent characters" and said I should be ashamed of using the show to make a joke about drug use.


I just feel like with so much potential for such backlash, it just won't be a good idea to continue drawing MLP. So while I may continue to watch the show, posting fanart just isn't a good idea anymore.


This is a real bummer, I seriously wish this wasn't an issue, but what can you do, you know.






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