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My Best Week Ever

Nervous Stitch



I've been trying to write this silly blog about BABScon all day, and I honestly struggle to put my feelings into words. I have never met a more amazing group of people who made me feel so welcomed and loved the second I met them. By the end of the convention, I'm not sure I really cared I was at a convention at all.


SFyr and I booked a super late flight to arrive midnight on Thursday, so we could attend our evening classes and say our goodbye to the kitties. This was the most painful day of seeing our friends ping Skype with messages of flights or hotel arrivals while we waited in my mothers living room for time to pass. We arrived with plenty of time to get through airport nonsense, and boarded SFyr's first flight ever. I've never seen him smile so much or so big in my entire time knowing him.


We shuttled over to the hotel around 1am and figured the Poniverse party was long asleep and we'd grab Melon Blitz, our roomie, and pass out for events tomorrow morning. Upon our arrival, half the Poniverse team with sleepy eyes waited for us in the lobby. This was just the first of amazingly kind gestures that absolutely ruined me all week. After dropping off one of my finished commissions, we passed out.


Friday started off with a wonderful team sans Simon breakfast, uncomfortably and unexpectedly paid for by Koukatsu. While some of the team have met each other before, a lot of us were strangers to each other. Still, the sense of camaraderie was unbelievable. After grabbing some badges, SFyr and I ventured out of hiding from the team anxiously and manned the table with Michael, who's an absolute sweetheart. Fhaolan joined us after a while, who is now privy to my endless adoration of his crafting skills and desire to live with him if only to leech all his crafting skills and supplies.


I finally got Simon to slow the hell down and have a chat with me right before the Poniverse panel, who showed no interest in interacting with me and obviously was in an awful state. Simon was by far the staff member I have had the most interaction with, and I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. He's lovely online and perhaps just a little awkward in person, so I shared my concern for his pendulum activities and let him do his panel.


The Poniverse Meet-up followed, and SFyr and I snuck away to grab a quick snack. Right before we snuck out the door, Koukatsu questioned where we were going and I jokingly offered him an inclusion in SFyr and I's "private time". Koukatsu and I have had nothing but business talk before BABScon. He's a lovely individual and I respect him as a moderator greatly, but our online personalities are extremely different. By the end of a few hours laughing to death and joking in a hotel room, I can happily call him one of my best friends.


Friday night was capped by a lovely celebration of Jeric's daughters and the most people in a hotel room I've ever experienced. The amount of affection, trust and understanding between all these individuals is absolutely indescribable.


Saturday morning I overslept most of breakfast, but Koukatsu and SFyr delayed their hungry bellies to accompany me to a smaller breakfast. I attended a few panels with SFyr and met up with the staff during the day, and retreated to the top floor skywalk for a nice long chat with Kou and SFyr about literally everything. While we were up there, two of the con-heads passed by and eventually sat with us and told silly con stories for hours. It was amazing how similar issues and con politics were to the issues we face in Poniverse. Just as amazing was how genuine and caring these two were about their role in BABSCon and how much they cared about forming a relationship with 3 strangers.


On our way back down to the hotel room, we stopped for a drink from the vending machine. I was sleepy and hungry, and I lock my knees when I stand - this perfect storm led to me conking my head on the wall and then the floor. After I gained back my wits, I was in the middle of being "lifted" by the two most out of shape humans to possibly be around. :D I stumbled down the hall a little further, dropped a button, and fell once again.


Most of what happened is blurry to me now, but I honestly will never forget the kindness shown to me by near-strangers. Kou and SFyr stayed by my side for hours, making useless conversation with my childlike self. Kou's sweet non-poniverse roommate, PrinCrim, kept me from babbling and whining by dredging up pony videos and game grumps until I shut my trap and laughed. Rusty and Melon put up with my confused questioning, but I cannot get over the kindness shown to me by Jeric.


Jeric scares me a little. :rarity: He's an absolute angel and an amazing admin, but he's a person who I respect greatly and therefore don't want to bother him with my childish, Stitchy nonsense. Kou called him at godknowswhathour in the morning, and sweet Jeric met us at his door sleepy-eyed with an offering of food for my empty belly. I've never seen so much concern in someone's face, after he was assured I was not drunk as hell. Again, I cannot describe how much this meant to me, even in a dazed state. I did make the mistake of winking to him, which probably didn't assure him of my mental state. I'm just a winky person, Jeric, I promise! :D


After a lovely Kou-delivered breakfast, I spent most of Sunday in bed watching Naked and Afraid with any grown man who happened to stumble in the room. By the end of the evening, we were playing pony card games and I was watching the clock preparing to say my goodbyes to catch my early flight in the AM. I finally reached my bedtime and prepared my goodbyes, and Simon asked me to go to Las Vegas with the group.
Simon had warmed up to me on Sunday. He accepted that I like hugs and laugh loud and understands that if I insult you it means I love you. I looked around the room of people I had come to adore and booked SFyr and I's flight with help from Simon and Kou. I'm not an impulsive person. At the point in time, I realized I was smitten by these people.


If I continue, I'm just stressing my point. I had most certainly the best time of my life and met my favorite people. It's important to understand how valid my username is to my personality. I've been seeking therapy and treatment for general anxiety and agoraphobia for most of my life. I cling to SFyr, who understands my issues and helps me feel a little secure. I go about my life very quietly and calmly, although inside I'm an incredible handful. I experience terrible panic attacks just a minute from my apartment and plan my life around not doing things in person.


Never had I wanted to be in public, be with friends, do things and not be in a "safe spot" more than being around these wonderful individuals. Never have I laughed so loudly so often and just exposed myself as a person completely to people I met just a few days ago. I felt like a different person than how I've ever been to new faces, a person so much closer to who I am to myself; without any anxiety or fear or nerves. I met such a large portion of my family this past week.


Conventions don't get to be a silly pony thing for me anymore, but a requirement to see my best friends...thus begins the countdown to BronyCon. :D

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