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Nervous Stitch



Upon further review and fear of threats, I have come to the conclusion that Simon is indeed the best person I have ever had the joy to be around. I have enjoyed his company so much that I have open my home to his constant arrival and my heart to his constant abuse. Regardless of my extended relationship with SFyr or my blossoming infatuation with Koukatsu, Simon has remained the best person in my life ever.


Meeting him at BABSCon was the best possible experience - one that I would not trade for anything in or out of this world. I apologize for misrepresenting his highness in my previous blog concerning my BABSCon trip; I did not accurately dedicate my words to all that is Simon.


I love you, dear Simon. :lie:


Upon further inspection, I have come to another conclusion that my knowledge of Chipmunks and Chipmunk paraphernalia will never be as extensive or "on the same level" as Simon's awesome and vast knowledge.

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TRAITOR!!!! You know as well as I that Simon cam not be loved <3 He's a meanie >:T


Your plushie business will soon be hearing from me. Expect a raid in the next couple of days >;T <3

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When I meet Simon, I just wanna hug him.


That is all. c:


Oh God, people are figuring out I'm nice... my jackass persona D:

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Now this is the kind of drama and love hypercube I have expected my whole life to witness.


*gets some Doritos and coke*


Go on...

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