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How I see Starlight: Now and Then



Okay, I'm gonna go a bit back to the Cutie Re-mark for this one...maybe even the Season 5 Premiere...on my thoughts on one of the most controversial, drama-inducing moments in the show...


Starlight's reformation.


Like many of you (maybe not most, but many), I was a little skeptical of Starlight's reformation, especially how rushed it felt. It just didn't feel right that a pony who brainwashed an entire village into thinking that cutie marks and differences are bad and then tried to rewrite history into a bunch of hopeless timelines got forgiven so easily, and that everyone was strangely accepting of her.


Until I read a few reddit comments discussing it.


One commenter provided a different perspective: if you stop seeing her as an evil super villainess and more of a pony who was desperate for a friend, her acceptance and reformation makes much more sense.


I think the reason why her reformation left a bad taste in my mouth the first time was that I was seeing her as the former- let's face it, she was a formidable villain with an interesting, although screwed up, ideology. But you also have to remember that she was trying to also find true friendship (she even says in her debut two-parter, "I brought you true friendship!") as a result of what was likely a damaging fillyhood (I'm not gonna say traumatic event, since I think she was kinda overreacting to a friend leaving her, but I will give her that she must have grown rather bitter over time)- her experience drove her to creating her village and then trying to get petty revenge on Twilight (with devastating consequences, of course), even if it meant battling Twilight forever. She had, essentially, gone mad/crazy/whatever.


So Twilight and Co., rather than simply vanquish her like a villain, just gave her what she needed- true friendship.


I wrote this blog entry at two different times, so I feel like it might read a little awkwardly and discontinuously. I apologize for that, but I hope you still see what I mean (if you're reading this)


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