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Superman - Atari 2600 Review

Reason for Cancellation



So, since i finally got around to play the first Dc Comics based Video Game, i thought i give a little review about it.
Because...i have not much ideas of what else to do on here.


Superman was a Game for the Atari 2600 which was released in 1979, making it the first Super Hero based Video Game.
There was a normal Version and a Special Edition.
The Special Edition didnt had any new Content, but it included a Superman Themed Purse in the Package.
( i know that from an Ebay Photo of the Package, where there was a Sticker on it, that said something like : Free Purse inside. )


The game has a kinda similar Story as the Movie that was released in 1978 if im correct, so this Game seems to be a Movie tie-in ( or however you spell it. ) Game.
Maybe even the first Movie tie-in Game in existence.




The Story is as follows ( no Spoilers, all of that is explained in the Manual ), there is a Bomb Attack planned ( probably inspired by the Rocket Attack in the Movie ) by Lex Luthor and his Gang of Criminals.
You play as Clark Kent first and try to do some research on the madder, but then the Bridge gets destroyed, you run to a Telephone Cell and turn into Superman, to repair the Bridge, by collecting all 3 Pieces of it, try to catch Lex Luthor and his Gang and return to the Daily Planet Building, to print the Story. ( since, if some of you didnt know, you are also a Reporter. )




As Clark Kent, you can move up, down, left and right by using the Atari Pad ( or Joystick, it depends on what Controller you use ) but you can only go to a different Area ( Screen ) in the Town by going either left or right.


As Superman however, you can fly and you can use every Direction, to go to a new Screen.
Flying is done by either pushing up ( until you reach the end of the Ground ) or by going down until you reach the end of the Screen.
Then you can use all four Directions and move free around.
You land, by dont pressing anything. ( or leaving the directional Joystick in the middle )
That will bring you back to the Ground. but if you are already flying pretty low, you can also fall into a new screen down below you.


Your movement might confuse you, but think about this way :
If you fly up, youre not really flying up all the time, but rather fly up and forward, so that you dont fly into endless Sky, but rather land in a new Area in front of you,
So the Area above you, is not above you but in front of you and the Area below you, just behind you.


To pick up the Bridge Pieces, the Helicopter, Lois Lane or the Criminals, you have to fly to them.
Only by touching them, while your flying, you are able to take them with you.
If you have a Bridge Piece ( or anything else ), you let go of it, by dont pressing anything again, so that Superman lands.
But you can simply bring the Criminals to the Prison Door, by flying there, without having to land first.


You also have to Dodge Kryptonite Pieces that fly around, or else you arent able to fly anymore. ( unless you find Lois Lane and let her kiss you, than you get your Powers back )
The Orange Kryptonites fly around at random, while the blue ones can charge at you.
You cant die in the Game and the Game doesnt has a Score System, instead it has a Timer and you should try to beat the Game as fast as Possible. ( no, your Time isnt running out, but the Timer counts how long you did take, to beat the game )


If you bring all the Pieces of the Bridge back together ( on the Same Place, where the Bridge got blowed up ) and bring all of the Criminals into Prison, you go back to the Telephone Cell, turn into Clark Kent and go to the Daily Planet to print your Story and youre done.
The Timer than stops.


You also have a Super Power ( aside from flying ) , if you push any of the 2 Red Buttons on your Controller ( or the one red Button on your Joystick Controller ), keep it pushed and then press the directional Pad in any Direction, it will show you the Screen that would come next, if you would fly into that Direction.
Its supposed to be the X-Ray Vision Power.
When you touch Kryptonite and lose your flying Power, you still can use your X-Ray Vision Power.


There are 2 difficulty Levels, Dificulty A makes the Enemys and Kryptonite slower, but you have to search for Lois, everytime you loose your Powers.
Difficulty B, makes the Enemys and Obstacleds faster, but Lois Lane follows you around, pretty much all the time.


So they are both kinda equally challenging.


There is a a Telephone Cell, ( you will see a little Phone Symbol on it ) in which you cna change into Superman or Clark Kent.


There are 4 Train Stations. ( the entry ways look like Orange Doors without Knoobs and if you go into them, they will lead you into the Train Station. By going up and down, you go trough all 4 Trainstations and with left and right you leave the Station. )


The Prison is a Building with a grid Door in front of it. ( no Idea how to explain it better in english, im pretty sure you will recognize the Prison when you see it )


The Daily Planet is a Building with a Door and a Symbol above it.
If you go in there, you are able to access all 4 Trainstations or beat the Game ( if you have done all the Objectives )


There is also a Gap, where you are supposed to build the Bridge, so that you can enter the Daily Planet Building as Clark Kent ( since you want to keep your secret Identity and dont fly over the Gap as Clark Kent )


The rest of the Game are just Buildings in Metropolis.




Superman - The main Protagonist and Super Hero, that came from the Planet Krypton and possesses Powers and Strength, far superior from those of mortal men.
In other Words, hes pretty damn Strong and has a Variety of different Powers. Even though only 2 are used in the Game.


Lois Lane - A Reporter of the Daily Planet and love Interest of Superman.
She can give you your Powers back, if you lose them.


Lex Luthor and his Gang - Lex Luthor is a master Criminal thats tries to conquer the World, he flys with the Help of an Helicopter Backpack. His Criminals are just walking around on the Ground and holding Guns, even though they never actually use them.


The Helicopter - The Helicopter is a Helicopter from the Daily Planet, which you can also pick up...even though it doesnt serve a purpose.
Sometimes, Lois Lane uses the Helicopter to follow Superman, so that you can get your Powers back easily or overwatch the Actions, so that she can write her Story for the Daily Planet. Also the Helicopter picks up Items for you at random chance, sometimes it even picks up Kryptonite Pieces and takes them away.
So, the Helicopter is a Friend.


( the Manual actually says, that Lois Lane could also be in Problems, whem she gest taken by the Helicopter...um...and how are you supposed to know, when Lois lane is just flying with the Helicopter or in trouble?
So far everytime i saw her flying with the Helicopter, she just lands and gets to Superman, as in the Helicopter helped her get to Superman and the other Times she flys around randomly, but also gets out.
So...i dont know...im tired and i dont want to Edit this Blog Post any longer... )


Positive Things about the Game : :fluttershy:


- For an Atari 2600 Game from 1979, the game is actually quiet complex, with its many Characters, the use of Super Powers and different Objectives.
- It also is one of the first Games to feature Cut Scenes. Like, you turn into Clark Kent and later on the Bridge explodes.
I never saw such things happening and most other Atari Games, they just start and...well, they just start directly.
- The Game is fast paced and has a lot of Places. :squee:


Negative Things about the Game : :huh:


- Its very confusing to actually know where youre going. Sometimes i just did fly in one Direction and hoped, that the Prison appears.
- Sometimes it can be very frustrating, since Criminals can dissapear, if they walk diagonally off the Screen.
Or you just dont find them for a while, since its confusing and sometimes you dont really know where you are.
Or you dont find the Prison.
- You can actually glitch the Game, by putting down an Item in front of a Door and then sometimes, you arent able to pick the Item up, since it takes you directly to a new Screen.
But you just have to fly away and come back, than the Piece should be elsewhere.


Result :


Well, for the very first Dc Comics Game, it wasnt that bad.
I mean, it had a lot of Things going on and in contrast to the Spiderman Game on Atari, the Superman Game is more fast paced and contains more action.
It had a Cut Scene and a lot of different Characters and Places to visit.
I would say, its a pretty good Atari Game.
Well, but its also confusing and frustrating at some times...
so... :awuh:
I dont know.
Sometimes its fun, sometimes it isnt, its a Middle Game.
Its okay. Not really good, nor really bad, just really okay. :ooh:


Thanks for reading my first Review. ;)


Spoiler :


If you do everything in the Game and enter the Daily Planet, you simply get a short Melody and the Game stops.
Thats all that happens.
The very short Melody doesnt even sound happy, it almost sounds like a Game Over Sound. :lol:


By the way, thats just my Opinion, its not a Fact.
And also my Post is kinda Broken and doesnt let me Edit all the Text...so thats cool...i guess...

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Recommended Comments

Well, im a Collector of Dc Comics Stuff, so im planning on playing all the Games. I even have the first 4 Superman Games and the first 3 Batman ones as well.


Also to conclude : I played the Game again and it got less confusing, since there is a pattern to the Town Areas and i knew where i was going this time, so it can be fun. So its a good Atari game i would say, instead of just okay.


Also to add a few Things to this Blog Entry :

Actually both the Orange and Blue Kryptonite Satellites can charge at you.

Also the Helicopter is not from the Daily Planet actually, i just assumed it was.

So, i guess i corrected all the false Information in my Post. XD


My Highscore for Level A is 0307 and for Level B 0230.

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