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My current Situation.

Reason for Cancellation



Just a little Update on what happend.
Well,if someone wants to know.


I have a Job now...at least for 11 Months, which means, if it is successful i might be able to finally get a real Job.
Also all my electronical devices broke, my Mac went down as i posted, my Windows is still slow and shuts down from time to time, my Tv shuts down after every few Minutes, my Ps 2 Television Cable doesnt work correctly and...well, everything is broken basically.


And it all went down at the same time.
The worst part was, that i was unable tu use the Internet, the only thing i had left to do, so i had nothing to do for the entire week.
And while i was already frustrated and angry, the Dog of my Sister annoyed me even more as usual and i even lost it one time.
Nothing bad happend but i really feel uncomfortable at home.
Like, i want to move out.
Maybe its ridicoules or whatever its spelled (sorry but opening more than two Sides makes my Windows get stuck, so i cant open translate or i have to wait for minutes and minutes ) but i get headaches, i get rage outs, i start to cry late at night and i hate my life right now.


So, thankfully, i have a Job now !
Lets just see what happends, maybe one Day i will have my Peace.

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