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"A Stroke Of Endurance" screening



I am announcing a new screening of my brand new film "A Stroke Of Endurance"! Please note that I am NOT asking for donations,I do not receive monetary gain, and I am not trying to spam or just get viewer traffic. I simply want to share this wonderful news with fellow bronies. Please note this screening is taking place in the USA. 

Teatro Paraguas in collaboration with Crip Video Productions, presents screenings of “A Stroke Of Endurance” a film about friendship, faith, and endurance. 
Dates: Saturday March 24th 2018 at 7:00pm. & Sunday March 25th 2018 at 2:00pm. Located at Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie suite B, Santa Fe New Mexico.  
Synopsis: A college student with Cerebral Palsy named Ava and her classmates must deal with the emotional and physical ramifications when their professor has a stroke that leaves him disabled in the middle of the semester when they least expect it. 
Crips Video Productions makes short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and storytelling. The films are created by people with disabilities and are written, directed and produced by Margot Cole, (a former student of The Childrens Theatre and a graduate of Kingsborough Community College in New York). For more info: Teatro Paraquas http://www.teatroparaguas.org  
For questions email cripvideoproductions@yahoo.com or use our website contact page. 
To share on social media use these links 


Official Poster http://cripvideoproductions.tumblr.com/post/171396656136/the-official-flyer-for-our-a-stroke-of-endurance 

A Stroke of Endurance Poster copy.jpg


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