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Crip Video Productions audio described



Not MLP related but it is related to my films so I'm posting it here on the blog. Just want to share the news. Not spam or get viewer traffic. 


Hi Everyone,


This post is to announce that all current Crip Video Productions films have been audio described! If you do not use audio description yourself please pass along the links below to people who do use audio description. If the audio descriptions do not play properly simply re load the pages. 


"Drama Sighted"  https://youdescribe.org/video/WvxTwlzEAYk?ad=5b719fd25673f74614a1e3c6 


Crips Not Creeps: https://youdescribe.org/video/KLl1NzexjP8?ad=5b71c97f7c83643ee058a9b4


Only Those Who Limp Allowed: https://youdescribe.org/video/zmE3aeMd1yc?ad=5b72fbc17c83643ee058a9d4


A Stroke of Endurance: https://youdescribe.org/video/KIZProYn7R4?ad=5b730bb0e6cc7f461fb09d43 






Crip Video Productions is offering audio description on our films for the very first time. Crip Video Productions apologizes for taking this long to provide audio described versions to our blind/visually impaired/low vision fan base. We attempted to add audio description to the films multiple times.  Unfortunately the pervious attempts failed due to technical difficulties on my end. Luckily Tucker Salovaara who acted in our film “Crips Not Creeps” was kind enough to use a service called “You Describe” to audio described the films for us. Special thanks to Tucker! If anyone reading this would like to use the audio described versions for screenings please contact us using our contact page http://cripvideoproductions.com/contact.php for instructions and details. 




Blog links to audio description 
















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