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Entry 98

Frost Glider


I still feel like I'm in a cage constricted on what I can do and my parents are getting angry at me for not going to church cause they think I'm loosing my way to God and every time I go to church I get depressed and get the shakes and my parents will not believe me they think it's the spirit that is doing it and I keep telling them it's something else and I don't like being forced into something I don't like and my parents think I shouldn't see a counselor cause my parents don't believe in them and want me to see a counselor with Christian belief and my mum constantly asking me who I'm talking to when I get a message on my phone. :(:(:(

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I know this may be a bit harsh, but if you can’t be yourself around your parents, you need to get away from them.  I understand that in their eyes, they’re just trying to make sure you can get into heaven, but what they’re really doing is forcing their beliefs on you.  You need to take control of your own life.

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Are you not actually a Christian, or does Church just make you uncomfortable?

Because I'm a Christian, but I haven't gone to Church in years. I'd like to go again since I'm an adult now and can search around for a Church community I actually feel good in. But yeah, I never really liked Church because I didn't have friends there. I only enjoyed it when my mom let me go to HER Bible studies, because I liked the adults more than the other kids.

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