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The girl who cried too much

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This is a poem I wrote because I needed a good cry.

She would cry when things didn't go her way. 
She would cry when she didn't have the heart to talk to his face.
She would cry by herself.
She never wanted someone see her cry for help.
She didn't want to be seen as weak. 
She just cried and never turned the other cheek.
She cried instead of solving her problems.
She cried when no one would read her stories. 
She cried because she felt so lonely.
She cried because she felt she had pushed everyone away
She cried because for her that was like any other day.
She cried because that wasn't uncommon.
She cried because she felt like she couldn't acknowledge that someone somewhere actually cared and wanted to reach out. 
She cried because she always felt left out. 
She cried because she never learned how to fully express herself. 
She's crying right now because she's hurting. Can't you tell? 
She cried and cried but her tears still haven't dried. 
She cries because if she doesn't she feels dead inside. 
She cries for all the friends she lost.
She cries because she feels it was her fault but at what cost? 
She cries because it's so frustrating.
She cries because her heart is breaking.

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It's a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it. Hopefully writing it made you feel better.

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It did actually. And thank you for taking the time to read it.

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