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  1. "And I cried for at least an hour after watching Toy Story 3." :(

  2. Happy New year. 

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Happy New Year!

    2. J.T.


      Happy New Year!:balloon:

  3. I didn't think Hereditary was really a scary movie. I found it more hilarious than scary.

  4. How is everyone?

    1. Clod


      I'm... alright, I guess. Nothing negative I'd want to talk about publicly. You?

    2. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Im doing well, thanks! Hope you are as well!B)

    3. J.T.


      I'm doing good, had a good Christmas and getting ready for 2019! Into the future!:ph3ar:

  5. I still haven't learned anything from staying up late. 

  6. Merry Chrystler. 

  7. I am addicted to playing Bayonetta. It's so much fun!

  8. I finally got my dad his Christmas present.  Just in time too.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. vivishy


      @Holly Jolly Odya sunglasses holder for his car. To replace the one I broke

    3. Odyssey


      That's thoughtful, I hope he likes it. :)

    4. vivishy


      @Holly Jolly OdyI also got him a smoke detector to replace the one I broke. My new year's resolution is to to stop breaking things. 

  9. It sure sucks when you have to choose between keeping someone in your life when they have seen you through a lot but they are kind of toxic or letting them go even though they mean so much to you. 

    1. Crow2


      Sometimes, as much it hurts it's probably for the best to remove the toxic people from your life, if you can't talk your problems through that is. 

  10. I hate it when I oversleep and don't have time for a healthy breakfast. 

  11. This might time activity is exactly why I don't get enough sleep and feel super tired the next day. But it's fun. :mlp_please:


  12. Putting up the tree was fun. I already have presents wrapped. 

  13. Gonna do a toy drive early tomorrow morning. I just love the looks on children's faces when they receive toys.

  14. At this point is it too early to make Christmas cookies?

    1. Snow le Canard

      Snow le Canard

      No...gimme some. :please:

    2. vivishy


      @Snowflurrysure. How much do you want 1 or 20?

  15. Happy turkey day.