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Autumn in Wonderland

Fire Runner


Okay, today is day two of my blog, and I'm begining to get the hang of it. Today i decided to show you a costume a created almost a year ago, but it took me several mmonths to complete. It'a an Alice in Wonderland costume that I started with a simple concept sketch, never dreaming that I would actually end up creating the costume. At first, i took at least two weeks to plan everything out, I figured it wouldn't be to complicated, but as I planned, the costume became more and more elaborate. Once I was done planning, a close friend of mine and I went and picked the perfect fabrics for the job, we settled with a light blue cotton for the main costume and a strong black netting to use for the petticoat. The rest of the costume, suchas the slip and bloomers, were created out of scrap fabric that i alread possesed. I went back later to the fabric store because I figued that something was missing, and left the store with some lovely black lace. Then I was ready to start creating.


I had a basi pattern for the costume, but it wasn't qite what i wanted, so I fudged around a bit and ended up with a complete pattern that fitted my needs perfectly. I cut and pinned the pattern peices (which took me about an hour and a half), than cut the facbric (which took me another hour to do :mellow: ), and finaly was ready to begin the very long process of sewing the costume.


The process of sewing started out smoothly, but I began to run into some problems with the tulle, it was my first time sewing tulle and it proved to be a total pain in the but, it took me three days just to get the petticoat done, which was very agrivating. Once I was done with the petticoat, I began to work on the skirt, which proved to be another problem, it was my first time sewing lace too, so I had some problems with that. I finaly had to sew the petticoat to the skirt which was the biggest problem by far.


While sewing th petticoat to the skirt i ran into the problem of sewing over too many layers of fabric at once, which proved to be a disaster to my sewing matchine (the needle broke), so one trip to the fabric store and more money out of my pocket later, I replaced the needle with what most people would call a denim needle (I was desperate to get through those layers of fabric :blink: ).


After the skirt and petticoat were completed, I mover on to the signiture "Alice" apron, I took and apron I already had, made some modifications, than hand embrodired a "A" on the bottom left hand corner. Once I was done with the apron I moved onto the shirt, which was very simple, nothing complicated at all, other than the lace and the elastic, but the shirt only took me five days to tackle.


Once I finished the costume I added some accesories to it, such as black gloves, a cuff bracelet, a watchkey necklace, a black lace choaker, some stripped stockings, some black shoes, a black hair bow, and a black corset. But I felt that wasn't enough, I added a prop stuffed animal of a white rabbit and that seemed to tie everything together, and vawla! The costume was complete. :lol:


I'm having problems uploading the photos from this particular costume, so I will add them at a later time with a written overview of the costume I just found from back when I showed a porfolio to a director and he hired me as an intern for costuming. I happen to still be interning there for those curious ponie out there. :P

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