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Episode 23 - Cables Want to Go the Wrong Way




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  How the cords and cables for electronic devices never want to go the right way.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Oh, I'm sure you do.  Let me just explain it.  Every time I try to plug in a device cable that is unidirectional, meaning it has to be oriented the correct way, like a standard USB connector, or HDMI, the cord always "wants" to go the wrong way.  The cables always have a "natural" position, an orientation that they naturally "want" to be in, based on how they were packaged and how they're coiled up, and the damn port they plug into is always 180 degrees the wrong way!  The cable naturally wants to lay a certain way, where the coil sits neatly and effortlessly on the floor or on the back of your TV stand, but the damn connector always, always has to be flipped upside down to plug in, and then makes the coil stretch out and flip up in the air all awkwardly, and it pulls on the cable and puts stress on it because it wants to flip back the other way.  WHY??!!  WHY???!!!!!  WHY IS IT ALWAYS, ALWAYS THE WRONG WAY????!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :angry::glimmer:



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