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How I became a brony

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Something I've been thinking about a lot is the past of the brony fanbase. I've been lamenting how I never got to experience those moments because I thought MLP: FiM was trash. (Because I never watched it.) So I figured why not tell the story of how I became a brony? :D

I guess I'll begin with the launch of the Hub. At the time, I was a wee 13 year old. I saw ads for the Hub all over television. I thought nothing of it, because I thought it was just some stupid kids channel. One of things they promoted in their ads was MLP: FiM. (Again, I thought little of it, as I thought that MLP was just a stupid little girls show at the time.) A few months later, though, I lost access to cable. Then I think about a year or two later, I saw all this stuff about "bronies" on the internet. I think I'll let Filthy Frank sum up how I felt about it at first:

Then, my little brother's best friend at the time, (Who was a brony) kept watching all sorts of MLP stuff to annoy my little brother. And then he was like: "I'm gonna watch!" And I overheard him watching it and I thought to myself: "Y'know, that actually looks kinda interesting! I need to check it out sometime!" And so about a year later, I did! I watched every episode of HotDiggedyDemon's "" series, and I thought to myself: "This is really funny!" And then one day, out of extreme, morbid, INSANE curiosity, I decided to watch the first episode. I even remember during the intro of it, I was thinking to myself: "Oh boy... here we go... we've got about 5 minutes and then they're gonna start talking about tea parties and dress up!" But then, something amazing (Or horrible) happened... I ended up LOVING it. :unamused: :laugh: And then, a few months later, I binge watched the entire series, found out about the MLP forums, and here I am today! Just one note about MLP: FiM before I sign off, I'll be honest, before I became a brony, I didn't WANT the show to suck, I just EXPECTED it to. (Because it's for little girls and shows for little girls are typically pretty damn bad.)


So yeah. That's the story of how I became a brony in a nutshell! :ticking: Please leave your questions, comments, and complaints in the comments below. See ya!

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