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Another MLP Movie idea that popped up during work

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So today at work, I had another brainstorm of an idea involving an Alternative MLP Universe.  The style is similar to Friendship is Magic, as well as the voice cast.  But many of the origin stories are a bit different, not to mention some of the layouts.  Here's how it goes.

In this alternative world, Princess Twilight Sparkle once had a student of her own named Majesty, a young filly unicorn who once had an optimistic future.  But one day, something went wrong and Majesty cut ties with her former teacher. This left Twilight Sparkle devastated by her failure.

Months later, Twilight and her friends Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy were able to defeat Starlight Glimmer, a mare with a troubled past.  Twilight, seeing Majesty withing Starlight, took her in as her student in hopes of giving her a second chance.

Though Twilight and her superiors Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were willing to give her a chance to prove she's changed, there are some ponies who won't forgive her for what she did, calling her an impostor, a Twilight Wannabe, and a Mary Sue.  This has left Starlight depressed, but there are some ponies that trust her in second chances.  Especially those who live in Ponyville.  Since then, Starlight has considered Ponyville her new home.  And she has a number of friends to help her out(Besides the Mane 6 and Spike): Trixie, BIg Macintosh, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond, Mr and Mrs Cake, Baby Lickety Split, and Derpy Hooves AKA Muffins.

One day, Twilight's former student Majesty appeared out of nowhere, armed with a tiara called The Wrath of the Windigos.  With it, she channels her own rage and hate into a powerful magical weapon, using it to devastate the Equestrian Kingdom.  Twilight wants to stop her former pupil, but Celestia insists on having her new pupil Starlight Glimmer stop Majesty.  Twilight was reluctant because she didn't want her new pupil to fall to evil again, or for her to succumb to Majesty.  But in the end, she puts her trust in Celestia and allows Starlight to embark on this quest to stop Majesty. 

Starlight's companions are Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer.   Sunset serves as a big sister towards Starlight, helping her out and guiding her to her right path.  Since Starlight's reform, Sunset has been looking after her, and for a good reason.  Like Starlight, Sunset had a troubled past of her own.  She and her younger brother Sunburst grew up as street rats in Equestria, trying to forge to survive.  They were often mistreated by other Ponies as if they were unwelcomed guest.  It took Celestia's own intervention to save both and take them in as her own students.

As Starlight and the others embark on their quest to stop Majesty, a young colt who is considered a fan of Twilight Sparkle wants to know why Majesty went evil.  A group of other Twilight fans don't seem to care, as they consider Majesty a traitor to Equestria, especially their leader.  Curious, this young colt embarks on his own investigation in Canterlot on what happened that day.  She was able to interview Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia on why Majesty went rogue.  Twilight's own assistant, Spike the Dragon, serves as a partner for the young colt in the investigation.

His investigation turns up to the family of Majesty.  The young colt and Spike were able to talk with Majesty's mother and father.  Majesty sounded like the perfect filly growing up in Canterlot.  So why did she go rogue?  Turns out, some ponies were sending her nasty letters, calling her "Imposter,"  "Fake," "Twilight Wannabe," and even "Loser."  And it wasn't just the words.  The parents witnessed their own daughter being humiliated when someone purposefully dumped a bucket of rotten vegetables on Majesty long ago as a mean-spirited prank, causing her to flip out.  She was even taunted and humiliated by what sounds like the same ponies from the Twilight Sparkle Fan Club.  This made the Young Colt began to rethink his stance in that club.

At Midnight Castle, Starlight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Sunset were able to do battle with Majesty.  Despite her age, Majesty was able to overpower all seven ponies with the Wrath of the Windigos Tiara.  As the seven are severly crippled from Majesty's resistance, the young filly plans on using the fully power of the tiara to devastate Canterlot City as revenge for the humiliation she went through many years ago.  Starlight and Sunset began to see a similarity between themselves and Majesty, and tried to reason with her, even bringing in their own past.  But Majesty was not listening.  She would stop at nothing to unleash all of her hatred towards Canterlot, and destroy the entire city.

It was there that the sacred powers of harmony activated within all seven heroines.  Early ago, they were unable to use the powers of Harmony to bring down Majesty.  But Sunset's empathy and the spark in Starlight's heart were enough to power all seven ponies.  They use the Rainbow of Light to defeat Majesty and shatter her crown.  Even in defeat, Majesty was as defiant as ever, refusing to even consider a reform, only to accept her arrest by the Seven ponies.  Starlight and Sunset were only saddened by Majesty's own defiant stance.

After a short quest, Starlight, Sunset, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy return to Canterlot with Majesty in tow.  Majesty was put into a dungeon cell where she would await her own trial.  However, Princess Celestia portaled into the cell, wanting to know what really happened with Majesty.  She was willing to give Twilight's former student a second chance like how Twilight gave Starlight a second chance.  But Majesty refused to budge, even wondering why she would be given than when she's locked up.  Turns out, Celestia left the door unlocked, stating that Majesty could escape anytime she wanted, and start the whole cycle over if she desired.  But Majesty didn't even want to do so.  Without power, Majesty feels useless.

But when Celestia brought up some parts of Majesty's past that caused her so much grief, the young filly broke down crying, admitting that all that heckling, all that taunting and tormenting by a group of trouble makers was what caused her to abandon her studies in friendship.  Celestia now had an idea, and it involved Starlight's own ceremony.

That night, Starlight attended a ceremony with her friends, celebrating their victory over Majesty.  But as Starlight accepted the award from Princess Luna and Twilight, some former naysayers started seeing Starlight in a new light, at least giving Starlight some hope.  Then, without a second thought, a group of hecklers dumped a bucket of rotten vegetables on Starlight all just to humiliate her, and started to call her the same names that they called Majesty.  It was never about Starlight's past.  It was because Starlight was no Twilight Sparkle.  Devastated, Starlight ran off crying.  That alone angered Twilight, who called out those hecklers for being rude and insulting, even going as far as to blame them for Majesty's misfortunes.  In fact, she now knows that the group of Twilight fans were responsible not just for heckling Starlight, but also to Majesty as well.  When those same fans refuse to accept Starlight and even Majesty as students of Twilight, the Princess of Friendship throws down her crown and quits her status as Princess.  Princess Luna even scolds those very hecklers with some parts of the crowd becoming restless.

The young colt who witnessed everything called out his own fan club for their selfishness.  The leader refused to accept any blame, stating that it was about keeping Twilight Sparkle pure.  But some members of the fan club began to see the errors of their own ways, especially after the leader dumps rotten produce on the young colt's head for his own amusement.  The young colt departs from the leader of the group, throwing away his Twilight Sparkle merchandise in shame.  Soon after, some fan club members also do the same, leaving the leader all alone.

That night, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, APplejack, Fluttershy and Spike all went to comfort Starlight Glimmer after the humiliation she went through.  Not long after, Celestia, Luna and Majesty joined Starlight as well.  Majesty began to see the error of her ways and took pity on Starlight.  Starlight was able to cheer up and allowed Majesty to snuggle up to her.  Then the young colt arrives, ashamed at what his fan club did to Majesty and Starlight.  He even confesses that he actually had a crush on Majesty back then.  Some fan club members came to confess what they did and surrender, willing to pay the price for what they did.  But not the leader, who was angry over being ousted by the other fan club members.

As punishment, the fan club members have to attend community service to make up for what they did.  Majesty, Starlight and the young colt volunteered to help out.  For Majesty, she chose to do community service to make up for what she did as a villain.  Twilight and Celestia are only glad that Majesty was able to return and mend their ways, though Starlight has volunteered to be Majesty's newest teacher.  As for the former leader of the fan club, he has to spend an entire year cleaning up Canterlot City as punishment for his crimes.  

Starlight has become closer to the ponies of Equestria thanks to her second chance, and for helping save Majesty from herself.  For Twilight, she couldn't have been more proud of her pupils.  And for Celestia and Luna, they couldn't have been more proud of Twilight Sparkle.


Ideal voice cast

Kelly Sheridan - Starlight Glimmer

Tara Strong - Twilight Sparkle

Nicole Oliver - Princess Celestia

Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity, Princess Luna

Andrea Libman - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy

Ashleigh Ball - Rainbow Dash, Applejack

Rebecca Shoichet - Sunset Shimmer

Cathy Weseluck - Spike the Dragon

Lizzie Freeman - Majesty

Veronica Taylor(Yes.  That Veronica Taylor) - The Young Colt

Kazumi Evans - Majesty's Mother

Ryan Reynolds - Majesty's Father

Brian Davidson - Leader of the Twilight Fan Club

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