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Name: Malum

Species: Draconequus

Appearance: Head of a wolf, body of an eagle, left arm as a bat wing, right arm of a dragon, left leg of an antelope, right leg of an elephant.

Backstory: Long ago before Equestria was established, there lived a draconequus. This draconequus looked upon the world and saw ponies of the world who to her seemed warlike and corrupt. She decided that she take it upon herself to attempt to rule over the entire world to correct this alleged problem. She spread darkness across the world with her tyranny. One day, a brave stallion showed up and demanded that she stops her evil tyranny

Impressed by the stallion's courage, she decided to challenge him. He gave him a stick that was powered by an unknown magic. After a long battle, Malum was sealed away. But before she was sealed away, she promised that she would one day return and destroy the world instead of rule it. The stick was given up and it would wait for another one to claim it.

Moral Standing: Malum doesn't see herself as evil. She thinks that the ponies are warlike, but she let that make her more warlike than any pony could ever be.

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