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Species: Wyvern (has a batpony form)

Occupation: Royal Guard

Backstory: Long ago when Somnus was a hatchling his nation was being invaded, so for his protection, his parents had a changeling turn him into a batpony, which the spell was imperfect. When he was "foal", his adoptive parents kicked him out. On his own, Somnus would resort to stealing to get what he needed. He did have a close friend for a while, but due to medicine not being great about 1500 years ago, she died from an unknown illness. When he reached the age of 21, he came across a strange well that would grant him immortality. Of course, he jumped in since he liked the idea of living forever. Not long after that, Somnus joined the Lunar Royal Guards. Though after the events of Nightmare Moon and her banishment, Somnus was Solar Royal Guard. When Luna returned, he was Lunar Royal Guard Again.

Facts: Somnus has pet hamster named Fluffball. Somnus once ate a box of crayons.

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